New Markitecture Survey forecasts impending failure of Apple’s iPhone

May 1, 2007

New Markitecture survey forecasts impending failure of Apple's iPhoneAs the anticipated release date of the famed iPhone grows nearer, so does the hype surrounding Apple’s industry-redefining handset. Though many believe the iPhone will carry Apple to its greatest level of success yet, there is a growing group of skeptics who believe the iPhone will flop royally.

It is no secret that the iPhone will change, and has already changed, the smart phone industry forever. Apple’s powerful tool will run the acclaimed OS X, integrate seamlessly with Mac computers, introduce new features like video voice mail, play music and videos from a large storage drive, and ultimately claim the title of greatest cell phone to date…or will it?

A recent survey conducted by Markitecture may surprise you; out of a sample of 1,300 people who both owned and payed for their cell phones monthly, 77% were somewhat familiar with the iPhone. For a cell phone that has yet to reach the market, those numbers are impressive; Apple definitely knows marketing.

41% of those familiar with the iPhone were impressed to some degree with it; for those well-acquainted with the soon-to-be-released phone, 83% were highly impressed.

Though the above results might lead you to believe Apple can only hit it out of the park with the iPhone, brace yourself: out of the above sample, only 6% expressed a desire to purchase the new gadget.

It is worth noting that using this information for forecasting purposes could be futile; the cell phone market is flooding monthly with new technology, and the range of products represented by the cell phone using community is as diverse as the U.N.

6% for the cell phone market, especially pre-release, might be quite positive, if not for the reasons the 94% that expressed disinterest in the phone; the top reasons why users would not buy the phone were its price tag, the lack of multiple carriers, and contract issues.

If anything, this study only confirms what has already been said about Apple’s iPhone plan; the choice to debut the phone exclusively with AT&T Wireless and the exorbitant price tag could decide the success or failure of the iPhone.

Has Apple made the right decision by limiting its soon-to-be flagship product (ok, backup flagship behind the iPod) to one carrier? Will Apple be forced to reduce the price to receive the debut it intends? Are forecasts and surveys just a bunch of pointless hulabaloo and hype? You decide.

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7 Responses to “New Markitecture Survey forecasts impending failure of Apple’s iPhone”

  1. Jeff:

    Apple said they were aiming for 1% of the market with the iPhone – how is 6% a failure? Sounds like apple is going to do 600 times better than they planned – if thats failure I’d be happy to fail.

  2. Chris:

    Wow, what a failure! 6% of a market that Microsoft Windows Mobile only has 5.4% of- I would just pack it up and quit if I were Steve. Tristan, are you really that dumb? Have you ever studied business or economics? Do you know what 6% of a multi-billion dollar market means for a 1st year launch? Obviously not.

  3. Eric:

    Even 1-2% market share in a region would be considered a huge success for most handset manufactures never mind globally 6% in a year! If that’s not a success then expectations are set way too high.

  4. Triston McIntyre:

    Chris: yes, I’ve studied a fair amount of business and economics. Majored in business for 2 years. I’m also aware of the percentages that 6% of a billion dollar market means. If you had read the article in the intent it was meant, you would have read that 6% is a huge percentage, especially considering the diversity in the cell phone market. The focus is that A, using pre-release surveys is virtually pointless, and B, the main problems that Apple needs to resolve in regards to the launch are the pricing and the carrier availability. As a writer, I provided the survey for you and gave some food for thought. Frankly, I think the iphone will be a hit; however, the price and the service issues are still a problem. Thanks for your comments though, and no, I’m not really that dumb. We can compare educations if you like :)

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  6. ja:

    I love how on this site the editorial staff attack audience comments..

  7. Triston McIntyre:

    There is a difference between attacking and defending; I would never go so far as to attack anyone, and if there was any misconception about the message’s intent, I apologize; however, a reader’s personal opinion of my intelligence level really isn’t relevant to a discussion surrounding iPhones, is it?

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