Steve Jobs talks iPhone; battery, Leopard, WiFi, keyboard

May 30, 2007

Steve Jobs talks iPhone; battery, Leopard, WiFi, and keyboardAs the iPhone could be the hottest cell phone release of all time, the latest batch of information coming from today’s interview with Steve Jobs might be the most revealing tidbits yet, and it is our solumn duty to report and hypothesize fittingly. In this next segment, I’ll discuss Steve’s disclosures on the iPhone’s keyboard, battery life, 3rd party support, video, and more!

The folks at Engadget caught the full interview here: definitely give it a read, because I can’t include all the quotes from his Steveness, and you’ll probably where I’m coming up with all of my ideas.

To start off, lets talk about the whole phone/music player struggle for power…a lot of people are wondering whether this is an iPod with a nifty phone, or a great phone with an extra iPod. Steve said it is equally both.

Frankly, as its being sold in AT&T stores, and with phone plans, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it will always be a phone first (note: iPhone sounds more like “phone” than “pod”). However, if Stevesie is sure that it is an equal balance of power between the two, it might not be too good to be true…just too good.

Next, we will definitely see the iPhone in June, and before the last day of the month. It seems June 20th predictions might be close to the mark. However, it was a bit disturbing that Steve said he “hoped” it would be available in volume; either that means Apple will be limiting iPhone numbers, it expects it will sell out its units no question, or Steve is just being his goofy, mysterious self.

Moving on, it appears AT&T is the very long-term choice of Apple; Steve said AT&T is making an investment in Apple, and Apple’s taking “a gamble” on AT&T. Why a gamble? Any thoughts? I’m thinking he’s not as sure in AT&T as being the best carrier or choice, and perhaps the deal-signing was based on a sweet layout in Apple’s favor…

More exciting was his definitive assurance that the touch-screen keyboard will blow users away (but not so much that it isn’t amazing to use). He said there was no dissent in Apple about that feature, which is quite an exciting statement about the quality of the touch-screen keyboard.

The iPhone WILL run a full version of OS X, but it has obviously been optimized for usage without a mouse or scroll wheel; Steve said the interactivity of the iPhone will truly be revolutionary.

The debate about the non-3G nature of the iPhone was put to rest when Steve bragged about the over-achieving integration of WiFi. He said WiFi was much faster, and with the rapid spread of WiFi networks world-wide, most other connectivity will be overridden by the WiFi powers.

The iPhone will, obviously, be quite capable of running video and audio beautifully; however, there will be no on-board iTunes store; just like the iPod, users will have to upload content from their computers to the iPhone.

Lastly (but certain not least), Steve put to rest any qualms about poor iPhone battery life; he said, just like their laptop lines, they struggled with creating long-lasting performance, but he is sure, just like their laptops, they’ve optimized the iPhone with a great battery solution.  In earlier talks, Steve promises 5 hours video/browsing/phone time, and 16 hours of audio playback…that would more than suffice.
There’s the goods on the iPhone; keep your browser tuned here for some loaded opinion and prediction, because what is a good Steve update without plenty of debate and discussion?

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