iPhone screen cracks after 24 hours

July 2, 2007

iPhone screen cracks after 24 hours It was only a matter of time before this happened. The iPhone has an all glass screen, as you may know, glass screens have a tendency to break or crack, more easily than other types of screens. Let this be a lesson to all of you with iPhones, treat them as gently as you would a newborn infant. This person managed to crack the screen on his iPhone after 24 hours of owning it.

He says the phone rang while it was plugged in and charging so he went to answer it, the cord pulled out of his hand, hit the corner of a table and then (presumably) whacked the iPhone while in flight. Needless to say this resulted in a very badly cracked iPhone screen.

What he doesn’t say is if the iPhone was still functioning perfectly after the display got smashed. It would be interesting to see if the touch screen response would still be accurate. PDA screens tend not to be so accurate after they have been cracked or smashed but that has something to do with the surface tension that may or may not be a factor with the iPhone’s glass screen.

In the end this was the owner’s fault and even after telling that to the folks at his local Apple Store, they still replaced the iPhone at no charge. We’ll be seeing refurbished iPhones crop up in the Apple Store very soon.

Be warned that not all Apple Stores are created equal so some stores may replace some stores may tell you to take a long walk off a short pier.

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