iPhone screen cracks after 24 hours

July 2, 2007

iPhone screen cracks after 24 hours It was only a matter of time before this happened. The iPhone has an all glass screen, as you may know, glass screens have a tendency to break or crack, more easily than other types of screens. Let this be a lesson to all of you with iPhones, treat them as gently as you would a newborn infant. This person managed to crack the screen on his iPhone after 24 hours of owning it.

He says the phone rang while it was plugged in and charging so he went to answer it, the cord pulled out of his hand, hit the corner of a table and then (presumably) whacked the iPhone while in flight. Needless to say this resulted in a very badly cracked iPhone screen.

What he doesn’t say is if the iPhone was still functioning perfectly after the display got smashed. It would be interesting to see if the touch screen response would still be accurate. PDA screens tend not to be so accurate after they have been cracked or smashed but that has something to do with the surface tension that may or may not be a factor with the iPhone’s glass screen.

In the end this was the owner’s fault and even after telling that to the folks at his local Apple Store, they still replaced the iPhone at no charge. We’ll be seeing refurbished iPhones crop up in the Apple Store very soon.

Be warned that not all Apple Stores are created equal so some stores may replace some stores may tell you to take a long walk off a short pier.

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  1. iPhone screen cracks after 24 hours:

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  4. Sandman619:

    PCWorld put their newly acquired iPhone through a variety of torture tests to arrive at the following conclusion:

    The iPhone not only continued to work after each drop test, impressively it still looked good, too. The only obvious damage it suffered was a few gouges along its metal edge from the drops onto concrete. But its glass screen came through without a scratch, despite our best efforts to mar it in repeated tests of both types.

    PC World’s conclusion: There’s no need to coddle this sexy little device.

    A video of their exploits is available from the article, link:


  5. Joey:

    My iphone screen cracked when I dropped it from knee height. Apple told me this is super common and that even a book falling will crack the screen. Apple wants $250 to repair the screen.

    It’s ridiculous that these things are totalled with every drop. Who goes 2 years without ever dropping there phone?

  6. Julie Kennis:

    I dropped my boyfriends iphone and cracked it. We ordered the iphone tools, and a replacement screen (which didn’t have the LCD). When he took it apart on brittle wire cracked, destroying it forever. In addition to that, the LCD is attached to screen. If you really love your iphone, buy a new one or pay the $250 to have it fixed. Otherwise your stupid to try it on your own. My boyfriend is good at fixing everything…. this was a no-go!

  7. johnK:

    The Apple iPhone features a beautiful 3.5-inch widescreen display. Apple expects iPhone owners will use their new device to watch movies, browse the web and check email. To access the features of the iPhone, you need to use the revolutionary muli-touch interface. Being a phone and using a touch interface, the iPhone will be susceptible to scratches. Having a scratch on your screen can have a negative impact next time you sit down to watch your favorite movie or television program. To avoid this, the best iPhone accessory investment you can make will be an iPhone screen protector and an iPhone case,which bring a great look and style to my iphone.And it is supposed to give it protection from scratches and minor drops.
    Though I dont know what has happen to you iphone screen, it’s so pity and luck, as I heard some one get his ipod fired in his pocket, and you’re safe finnally. I think both you and your iphone need ptrotection. What’s wrong with you? Apple…

  8. Peter:

    Guys, I need your advice. I accidentally dropped my iPhone just now. The phone still function except for the touch screen. Well, actually it’s 1/2 of the upper screen still respond with my touch but not 1/2 of the lower part. Any suggestion on how to fix it?

  9. Julien:

    I have a badly cracked IPhone screen (the glass).

    The phone itself works perfectly! Dual touch, everything.

  10. shakib:

    i droped my iphone its glaas has got badly cracked what should id now

  11. shakib:

    please guys anyone help me out

  12. Jeremy:

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  13. Nicole:

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  14. Timmothy:

    I recently had a similar situation where I dropped my phone and picked it up only to find that the screen had been cracked! Really frustrating! I was told by apple this repair would be $199. After searching around for a little bit, I found http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com on google. They had the same repair available for only $69.99! The better part is that I sent my phone in on monday and had it back by wednesday! I really recommend them.


  15. John:

    This just happened to me. I broke my phone and got it repaired in Dallas for 89.99. They also do mail in service. http://www.crackedphonescreen.com they fixed mine in 45 mins. great job and i would recommend them to others

  16. John:


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  17. Kathy:

    I broke my iPhone screen a little while ago and just searched around for a little while and found http://www.magicphonerepair.com they had the best prices along with 24 hour turn around and free insured return shipping.

  18. Justin:

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