Apple patent filed for AppleTV 3D game controller

May 9, 2008

Apple already has its users attention on the computing, television and music fronts. Judging by patents filed by the company it is looking to add the gaming front to its conquests as well. Apple has filed a patent for a 3D gaming controller to go with its AppleTV.

The controller specs make it sound a lot like a Wiimote in functionality, though the drawings show it is somewhat different in appearance. The patent filing jibes with earlier rumors that the AppleTV would become a multi-use platform that enable users to play casual games in addition to its other features. In fact, there was even hidden code found in iTunes recently that demonstrated without a doubt that plans for casual gaming on the AppleTV were already under way.

Apple has increased casual game presence on its iPhone and iPod as well over the last few months. in fact the iPhone’s accelerometer capabilities have made it ideally suited to casual portable gaming. In addition to that, the latest edition of the iMac line finally addressed the gaming graphics issue, which will hopefully encourage more people to make games for the Mac OS now.

Apple is playing this close to the vest, as usual. The patent was filed back in November of 2006, and was only released to the public now. Third party representatives like Greg Canessa of PopCap Games have alluded to development of AppleTV ready casual games already, but you won’t hear confirmation coming from One Infinite Loop anytime soon on this rumor.

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