Business Week: Apple is the second best performing tech company in the world

May 25, 2008

apple logo.jpgApple has been on a roll with all the recognition they’ve been receiving over the past several months, and it does not appear they will be slowing down. Many would say that the recognition is justified they continually make user-friendly products that perform well and are a pleasure to use.

Ranked number one in customer service for desktop and notebook computers, Apple has another award to add to its rapidly growing stash. Recently, Business Week has compiled a list called Info Tech 100. It features the best performing tech companies.

Business Week sorted through financial results of thousands of traded companies to find the best performing tech companies. Apple ranks number two. On its website Business Week states,

“At BusinessWeek, we sort through the financial results of 30,500 publicly traded companies and rank the tech players on four criteria: shareholder return, return on equity, total revenues, and revenue growth. The companies leading the list are those with the lowest aggregate ranking.”

Microsoft did not make it to the top ten list. In fact, you won’t find them in the top twenty either. Microsoft is currently ranked number twenty-three.

If you closely follow the industry, the latest recognition isn’t surprising. It appears that the only way to go is up for Apple. Fortune 500 ranked Apple number eight out of the twenty most profitable tech companies.

Apple is steadily gaining momentum the blazing success of their Mac computers has received a lot of attention. In April 2008 NPD reported that Mac sales were up by 50% and iPod sales were up by 17%. Apple recently beat out Dell to become the number one laptop computer of choice for those in higher education. Apple is also gaining recognition with other Apple products. iTunes is currently the number one music retailer in the US.

In 2007, Business Week ranked Apple number six on the InfoTech 100 list. Perhaps they’ll snag the top spot next year?

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