Apple and Fontainebleau hook up; iMacs in Vegas

June 1, 2008

FontainebleauVegasLogo.svg.pngFontainebleau is taking glam to the next level and they are bringing Apple along for the ride. It’s true, Fontainebleau and Apple have hooked up. The glamorous hotel will have an iMac installed in every one of the 3,889 rooms and suites.

Where is this all taken place? Las Vegas, It’s obvious that Fontainebleau planning to score big. Fontainebleau is promising to be one of the most innovative and designed oriented resorts on the strip when it opens. Innovate and design oriented? Hmm… that sounds like Apple.

When you log onto the Fontainebleau and check out the Las Vegas brochure it states,

“Fontainebleau guests experience a new sensory landscape through an innovative relationship with Apple. The program includes intuitive and simple options for booking and pre-planning stays online and interactive programming throughout the resort. An iMac in every guest room inspires guests to share memories and encourages personal expression.”

The fact that Fontainebleau has chosen Apple over other computer companies is truly impressive. However with the increasing recognition that Apple has been receiving, and the awards that have been given to a variety of its products like the iMac (Apple recently received a prestigious black pencil award for the iMac) MacBook Pro, the iPod Touch it’s not surprising. Mac sales are continuing to increase. In fact, Mac sales were up by 50% in April.

The Fontainebleau Las Vegas project will encompass 25 acres and will boast the largest rooftop pool. Fontainebleau design is inspired by Morris Lapidus, renowned architect noted for his curvy, flamboyant Neo-baroque moderne hotels that defined the 1950s ‘Miami Beach’ resort hotel style.

Fontainebleau, Las Vegas is set to open in Fall 2009. It is also opening another hotel in Miami which is scheduled to open in Fall 2008. When I do go to Vegas, I usually end up staying at the MGM Grand or Luxor, but an iMac in every room would be an incentive for me to check out this hotel.

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2 Responses to “Apple and Fontainebleau hook up; iMacs in Vegas”

  1. delos:

    If you’ve been staying at middle-of-the-road properties, like the Luxor or MGM for budgetary reasons, it’s doubtful you’ll be staying at Fontainebleau any time soon. You’d more than likey save money by buying and bringing a new Mac every trip or two, rather than using theirs.

    If you don’t quite see that yet, take a look at prices for the Wynn, then add about 10-15%. That’s Fontainebleau’s target customer.

  2. Opal Tribble:

    It wasn’t for budget reasons that’s where my job put me up when I traveled yes definitely familiar with the prices there. The first time I stayed at the MGM simply because the Tyson fight was their that was a while ago. I stayed their because of the convenience.

    Luxor is where I stayed when I traveled with my job also I loved the Club Ra. It was convenient.

    When I’m in New York I usually stay at the Hudson. There is another one I frequent, but the name escapes at the moment. Nice, costly, but worth it.

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