Wi-Fi setup: How do I access the internet with my iPod touch?

July 14, 2008

ipod-touch.jpgThere has been a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 3G. It’s finally here, many people have finally been able to download and purchase many of the fantastic applications that iPhone developers have created. Thanks to the iPhone 2.0 software update, a few of my friends have the first generation iPhone and they have said it’s turned their old mobile phone into “new iPhones” thanks to all the goodies included in the software.
You can find them at the App store.

If you caught my recent post, on the iPod touch you’re aware that Apple has made this device even more appealing to those who have been thinking about purchasing iPod touch can many of the extras included with the iPhone thanks to the iPod touch software 2.0 update. iPod touch users can access the App store and take advantage of the MobileMe service.

My 32GB iPod Touch arrived today, and I was able to set up my connection at home with no problems. I also tested it out while I was out today. The restaurant where my meeting was held offered free Wi-Fi access I was able to surf the net without any issues. If you’re new to the iPod touch you might be wondering how to access the internet. I’ve included a tutorial below. After reading it, you should be able to access the internet easily.

How do I set up my iPod touch Wi-Fi connection from home?

  1. Obviously you’ll need your Apple iPod touch. It comes in three different flavors; 8GB, 16GB, or the 32GB.
  2. You need a Wi-Fi connection (this requires a wireless router along with an internet connection) that is connected to a Mac or PC.
  3. WEP key or access to your routers administration page.
  4. I was able to log onto my iPod touch by entering my network password. If you need to access your routers administration page you can find the information included with the manual that was included however if you have misplaced it you can always perform a search online or even call the company. I’ve done both to get the information.

  5. Turn on your iPod touch and tap the setting icon.
  6. Tap Wi-Fi which is located at the top of the screen (it should say “on” beside the word Wi-Fi).
  7. You should see the word “ON” besides the word Wi-Fi. You should also see a list of networks that you can join.

  8. Tap the network you want to join (your home network).
  9. After you enter this information you should see a check mark by the network you’ve selected. That’s it.

  10. Browse and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection.
  11. How do I set up my iPod touch Wi-Fi connection when I’m away from home?

    1. Make sure you’re at a location that has WI-Fi Access.
    2. Turn on your iPod touch and tap the setting icon.
    3. Tap Wi-Fi which is located at the top of the screen (it should say on beside the word Wi-Fi).
    4. You should see a list of available networks.
    5. A check mark should appear after you select the network.

    6. Browse and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection.
    7. If you are looking for locations across the world that feature places that offer free Wi-Fi check out this website. I used it when I was on vacation a over the Independence holiday and I found several locations that enabled me to access the internet with my 17″ MacBook Pro. Enjoy!

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131 Responses to “Wi-Fi setup: How do I access the internet with my iPod touch?”

  1. Kevin:

    Great article
    Are there any rumours of an iTouch upgrade?? I am pissed at the iPhone connection plans (basically because I’m poor ;-) so I can’t get it & knowing Mac’s skulduggery to release a new hardware set AFTER I’ve just bought in, I thought I’d ask looong before buying.
    Any hits that the iTouch will bounce up??

    Keep up GREAT work here!

  2. Opal Tribble:

    Hi Kevin,

    I don’t have the iPhone either :-) One of the reasons is that AT&T coverage is very poor in the areas I travel when I’m in South Carolina (rural parts).

    I did purchase an iPod touch early this week you can still get a lot of the features found on the iPhone through the iPod touch software update 2.0. It costs $9.95. I definitely think it is worth it. You have the option of having acess to MobileMe, the App store, and many other features that you find on the iPhone. I wrote about it here http://mac.blorge.com/2008/07/12/apple-unveils-ipod-touch-update-20-is-here/

    The applications I liked about the iPhone are found in the software update. I’m happy! I guess being connected via a Apple portable device would be great (iPod touch only works where there is Wi-Fi access) but for now I’m perfectly happy with this option.

    I’m glad you liked the article. Over the past several months. I set up Wi-Fi access for a few friends/acquaintances who purchased the iPod touch. I thought it would be a great idea to post an article about it here.

  3. Kevin:

    Hi OPAL,

    It really does sound sweet… both, phone & touch, but I’m just curious if Apple has a new up-grade in the pipeline for sometime later this year.
    Such as adding a camera or some Skype capability for the touch, then I’d again feel like I did after getting my Macbook in Jan (Feb they upped the basic specs -could have saved myself $500).

    These toys really are hard to resist….

    Keep up the great work! (and to all of you who write on this site!)

  4. nayim:

    hey, great website, one thing that i’m stuck with though. My ipod touch is asking for a password to access the internet, and i have tried my WEP network key but its still dosent work!. if anyones got any ideas where i’m going wrong or what i need to do please comment back please!. thanks for your help once again.

    nibz =]

  5. Opal Tribble:

    My apologies for the delayed response. I didn’t see the comments. I really hope they update the camera and I’m imagining we’ll see that capability in the App store even if Apple doesn’t come out with a product.

    I’ll check out a few things and post. I faced a similar issue with my Macbook Pro late last year.

  6. nikity:

    hi, im so confused! i dont get how to set up the wifi thing at all. i dont get what is routers administration page and im new to this.

    basically when i open the ipod touch i click settings, networks then it has a list of it for me to join, but all require passcodes that i dont know. im at home right now. any help please?


    my problem is that i dont even own wi-fi internet so i wanna know how to buy it cause i want wi-fi internet where ever i go so that i can use it on my ipod some one help please

  8. Tori:

    i just got a new ipod touch and when i went to connect to the internet it said my password was incorrect. I know it is not because i kept a file with all that information. Any help??

  9. JONNEY:

    i set up my wi-fi ting …it says im connected ,cos i hooked up my wep key nd da check came up bside but i still cannot connect to it

  10. Angie:

    well i know what to do and all but when i go to it the only one available is called “QVPY7″ and when i click it it says unable to connct and im doing this at home btw,think you can help me? xxx-ANgie

  11. Chris:

    i have a siemens gigaset se572 and have been trying to connect my ipod touch to my wireless internet, and it aks for a 8 digit password. i have tried a number of different passwords and none of them have worked. could you please help!

  12. Tara:

    I just got the ipod touch for christmas yesterday and i have no idea what i am doing. i want to get internet access but im not good at wifi stuff… when i go to settings i touch wifi and it says nxt to wifi-on then there is no list of networks…. WHAT DO I DO????

  13. cody:

    hey i just got an ipod touch and i dont know any of the passwords it asks for to get on the wi fi can anyone help please

  14. Angie:

    Yeah i have the same problem as Chris …I have a signal here at my house but it asks for a 8 digit password and other times it says unable to connect

  15. wendy:

    I dont own wi-fi internet so i wanna know how to buy it cause i want wi-fi internet where ever i go so that i can use it on my ipod can some one help please

  16. sarah:

    i am really dumb and i did not understand what u wrote on how to set up the internet on the ipod touch..i got one a few days ago and i still dont know how to get the internet..everyone i know that has an ipod touch has internet service one it but none of them could explain to me how they got it so please email me back asap cuz im getting worried

  17. bob:

    my ipod touch version 2.0 wi-fi under settigs shows no wi-fi and i cannot slide to left or rigth

  18. Michael Chiappone:

    I’m like everyone in that I cannot access the internet or my e-mail. Would you please give me some detailed instructions or a phone where a technician could walk me thru the process.


  19. femmy king:

    i do as yu say,but it doesn’t work.i’m in cafe now and it ask me which network wil i join and i say internet server and it doesn’t connected..

  20. Lucky Charms:

    im trying to get wifi at home and i dont know how to set up my router to give wi-fi…

  21. Morgan:

    I just got an i-pod and sometimes when i go to connect, it asks for a password, i figured it out, but now it ask for a ton of info i dont know. Any help?

  22. lea carroll:

    hi, im so confused! i dont get how to set up the wifi thing at all. i dont get what is routers administration page and im new to this.

    basically when i open the ipod touch i click settings, networks then it has a list of it for me to join, but all require passcodes that i dont know. im at home right now. any help please?

  23. LeAnne:

    I just purchased an Ipod Touch (2nd Gen.), 32 GB. I am wondering if there’s any internet service you can purchase for it, instead of having to depend on wi-fi hotspots.

  24. skittles:

    ok i don’t get this whole internet thing and im getting really upset i need help fast amd “pronto PLEASE tell me how to access the internet on the ipod touch i cant even open the my mail ,look at the map or even the weather so please help me because im really lost

  25. Jorden:

    The thing that sucks for me is that i don’t have a wireless internet i only have the cables going into the pc so yeah thats why im selling mine.

  26. lisa:

    You have to find a free wi fi site to access the internet, usually a coffee shop, airport, restaurant or other chain. There are many places to look online to find free wifi hotspots. When you are in an area with wi fi, if you look at the list and there’s one that’s unlocked (meaning no picture of a lock that’s , well, locked..) that means its an un-secure wifi spot and you can connect to it. You dont havbe to enter anything if this is an unlocked one, and the really cool thing is that every time you go near that place again, your ipod will automatically connect for you. You’ll just notice all of a sudden that you’re connected by the half moons in the upper left corner.
    Now for the ones that are locked, unless you know all those numbers you can’t get on, it’s that simple.
    And as far as home set up, you need to purchase a wireless router and an adaptor. and you have to set it up-attach the router to your modem. My question for this site is do you have to have an adaptor? I just bought a router and it totally screwed up my computer, I had to get a new modem. SO i’m shopping for a new one and I want to know if I need an adaptor or not. I do have internet through an isp, but I want wi fi too..

  27. Brooklyn:

    I am having trouble connecting my wifi. I just got my Itouch and it finds my wifi (linksys) but it will not connect. I get the error message:

    ‘unable to join the network “linksys”‘

    what do i need to do and HOW do I do it?

    Please help thank you!

  28. marie:

    hi i cant change the wifi setting from off to on its greyed out not lit up for me to select it.can someone help me plz i dont know what to download to get it workin or is there something wrong with my ipod plz plz help me asap

  29. Lisa:

    I can not get attached to my at&t wireless — i put in the right key but it says this when I try and connect to internet “safari an’t open the page the erro was “operation could not be completed posix error 12 – cannot allocate memory ok

  30. Susan Burmaster:


    I can’t connect to the internet because there is a lock on the site. The site I’m trying to get on is the one my pc is on. How do I get by the lock?

  31. Susan Burmaster:


    I can’t connect to the internet because there is a lock on the site. The site I’m trying to get on is the one my pc is on. How do I get by the lock?

  32. Susan Burmaster:


    I can’t connect to the internet because there is a lock on the site. The site I’m trying to get on is the one my pc is on. How do I get by the lock?

  33. Sean:

    i have the same problem as marie, please email me some help at sean_robo2007@yahoo.com

  34. Sunny:

    So many questions and no solutions. I’m not a techie but I’ve had to deal with connection issues with linksys before.

    First to connect to internet you MUST have a router. The router is usually secured with a password when it was setup so that every Tom Dick or Harry couldn’t access your info.

    So you need this password. If you forgot it then you need to call your router manufacturer cause I’m assuming that you didn’t save the booklet that came with it or you would have saved your password. You need the url that has all the settings, including your password and the manufacturer’s tech dept can tell you that addy.

    When you do enter the password don’t expect it to automatically work. Sometimes it does and sometimes it needs to be reset by turning off your ipod and unplugging your router. Then turn on the router and then your ipod. That’s the first step for any connectivity issue.

  35. Jessica cantu:

    I want wi-fi internet on my ipod touch please……

  36. Jared:

    i head from a couple of people that i know that there was an internet charge for the Ipod Touch. I was wondering, Is this true and if so how much is it?

  37. Susy:

    I have the Same question it’s ok at home but when somewher else it doesn’t work what is wep code

  38. wil:

    i have a laptop and a psp they connect with no effort to my home wifi network. i have read that i need to turn off the router and the apple ipod-touch to reset them. i am familiar with that approach. however, i notice that apple-ipod-touch is the third bananna in connectivity. i know my wep key and still can not connect…

  39. mia:

    the internet on my ipod-touch was working, but then we changed the the passward for the wi-fi and now i can get on. how do i reset it?

  40. Kate:

    HELP ME PLEASE! I’ve done every which way possible to try and get my internet to work! It just keeps saying, “Safari cannot open page because it is not connected to the internet.” BUT IT IS! I go to Wifi and my network has a check beside it and I put the password in correctly. I DONT GET IT!? PLEASE HELP!

  41. Vikki:

    I have the same problem where my Wi-Fi is connected and the strongest it can be however it will not allow me to go on internet through Safari, You Tube or Mail etc. This is really becoming a problem as i would like to use my navigation (maps) to help get to a Training course 4 hours from home! Please please help as i have read lots of people have this issue but no resolutions haave been noted!

  42. CY:

    I am also a new iPod touch owner with a home wirelesss network that has three different laptops connected successfully.
    Is the password being asked for the router password, or the WEP password?
    I’ve deleted and readded my network multiple times. Router has the MAC (hardware) address, and I have tried assigning a static ip, but still cannot launch safari or any other network app.

    Why does the “easy to use” apple device cause so many people problems?

  43. Tonya:

    I have no idea how to get wi-fi on my ipod touch. I have all the wi-fi settings on and there is still no list on a network to join. I don’t know what to do I’ve tried all I can think of. If anyone knows what I need to do to get wi-fi out in the country and there is no options to choose from on the join network list can you please let me know. I don’t understand all these technical terms used or what they are, but I am getting frusterated and just want to get connected. PLEASE HELP ME!

  44. Tonya Griffith:

    I have an I pod touch. It connects fine to wireless hotspots and when I’m home it finds our home wi-fi and I’ve entered the wep and password… but although it says it has a strong connection to our home wi-fi… when I try to get online the message say ” safari cannot open page”… ? Seems wierd. The laptop I’m using now is wireless so I know our router is on and working well.
    Any ideas?

  45. ÇäÊÑäÊ ááÇíÈæÏ touch áÇ íÚãá:

    [...] åäÇ ÇÎí Wi-Fi setup: How do I access the internet with my iPod touch? – MAC.BLORGE if(‘/vb/showthread.php’ == ‘/private.php’) { document.write(‘”‘); }else { document.write(‘”‘); } [...]

  46. eddie:

    hi im really confused everytime i touch the app store thing it sais an invalid agreement plz help

  47. Jeff:

    Hey peeps, i don’t know if you know this, but, there are three different types of WIFI- that i know of anyway- it’s like 2.0 3.0 and some other one. The Cafe wifi may be a 2.0, it’s like an “unsecure network” like you shouldn’t do banking on them and use other application and websites that require passwords and secrecy. The default settings of most laptops’ internet options, have this connection unmarked in the connectablilty thing. So what you do is go to internet options, advanced and go to the very bottom and click on the 2.0. Then you can connect to the internet with the unprotected wifi. As for iphones and itouches, i just bought an itouch and my school has an unprotected wireless system and i’m still trying to figure out how to use the internet. So, if anybody knows how to adjust the internet options of an itouch i would really like to know:) thanks.

  48. Nerrissia:

    Can I use my T-Mobile cell phone to connect to the internet with my iPod Touch?

  49. HELP!!!!:



  50. Jesus:

    OK to answer most people’s quetions…wep code is what makes your connection secure…so a guy with an itouch cant watch porn using your home connection. If you’re in town, you can use the WIFI connection from one of the buildings as long as it doesnt have a *lock* next to it. Also, you have to stay close to that location to receive internet. you cant be driving in a car while you’re using someone’s WIFI because it will disconnect as soon as you go outside its range.
    Macdonalds and other businesses often have free WIFI.

  51. Jesus:

    OK to answer most people’s quetions…wep code is what makes your connection secure…so a guy with an itouch cant watch porn using your home connection. If you’re in town, you can use the WIFI connection from one of the buildings as long as it doesnt have a *lock* next to it. Also, you have to stay close to that location to receive internet. you cant be driving in a car while you’re using someone’s WIFI because it will disconnect as soon as you go outside its range.
    Macdonalds and other businesses often have free WIFI.

  52. Share Something:

    is ther is anyway i can use my internet conication from laptop to my ituch can some one help me you can email me on rabin4855@gmail.com Thanks Every one

  53. Michael:

    You need a wireless router LINKSYS
    This will work.

  54. aoife:

    i ave got as far as network thats checked but when i try go onto youtube it says am not connected to internet

  55. i6o4:

    If you have not found your wi-fi name (SSID), follow these steps (If you have, skip to the steps after these):

    1. Go to typed into your address bar (internet). You’ll get a pop-up for the username and password. Type in admin for the username and admin for the password. (This worked for me).

    2. Go to Wireless > Basic Wireless Settings, have your Wireless Network Mode: Mixed. Wireless Network Name (SSID): “____”, Wireless Network Channel: 6-2.437GHz. Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enabled. SES (The big lock circle that pisses me off): Don’t worry about this.

    3. (OPTIONAL): Go under Administration > Management and change your password (One says enter your password the other says confirm). This is just to access the page, not for the password on your iPod.

    4. (Just in case), go under Status and renew your DHCP. It’ll say DHCP Renew. CLICK RENEW.

    5. Good job. You’ve made your SSID unique and follow the steps below.

    Follow these steps(If you have already done or know the steps above):

    1. Go to the wireless router basic set up page. It’s usually just typed into your address bar. You’ll get a pop-up for the username and password. Type in admin for the username and admin for the password. (This worked for me).
    2. Go to Wireless Security under Basic SetUp (not Security).
    3. Set your security from WPA2 (which is what it is probably on) to WEP. On the next line it asks if you want a passphrase. Type in something you’ll remember (EX: Monster) and then hit ‘generate’. It will generate four ‘keys’ (They are strings of numbers and letters. WRITE THESE DOWN, or stay on that page).
    4. Go onto your iPod to ‘settings’; ‘wifi’; and touch your wireless router name. It should ask you for a password. Type in one of the keys you wrote down.
    This is the ONLY thing that worked for me; I was getting a message that the iPod was ‘unable to connect to the wireless router’. I hope this helps!
    linksys.com (utterly unhelpful); iPod forums.

  56. nate dog ps am insane:


  57. faye:

    once you’ve clicked on your home network, how do you know what the password is?

  58. Steven:

    Is the internet access free?

  59. Betty:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my new iTouch 3rd gen. 8gb, but it can only access the internet when connected to secure networks. whenever I use a free wifi, it just keeps saying no network connection and also something like “invalid argument”. My sis has an older version of the iTouch and hers works fine with free wifi. what the heck? anyone got any ideas?

  60. caroline:

    wi-fi on my i-pod is grey and i can’t connect what can i do??

  61. crystal:

    hi please this is urgent
    i have an ipod touch and i have one network on Wi-fi the name is cheroungee, whenever i try entering a password it says i am unable to join. please let me know how i can set it up.

  62. joelle:

    Well their not so cool when the screen is not working properly and you can’t access the internet because 2 letters cannot be typed… I pod suck

  63. las stamford:

    @crystal — the password that needs to be entered is a series of numbers and letters not the name of your network or your network password. you may need to call the manufacturer of your router and see if they can give it to you or reset it.

  64. Noel:

    I do as you say but then when i go to get onto the internet it does not let me and says there is a argument and then doesnt let me go on the internet! WHAT SHALL I DO!!!

  65. George:

    my ipod doesn’t give me a list of networks to choose from

  66. trevor:


  67. Nate:

    I keep trying to find my Linksys router on my ipod touch but i dont have a list of networks to choose from and i dont know what to type in to try to find one that’s not listed… i’ve tried the name of my computer and “linksys” but nothing works…

  68. joseph ramirez:

    hey when i press the network name it doesnt let me enter my password

  69. Ciaran:

    Can I connect to the internet by linking my phone and Touch via Bluetooth and just using the phone as a modem?

  70. Dan:

    I got thinking, after getting my 14 year old one for Christmas. Can you go anywhere on the web, and watch videos? Is there any controls?

  71. Ronald O Carlson:

    Yes, from the home screen tap Settings > General > Restrictions. Then Enable Restrictions and enter a four-digit PIN. Once you’ve done that, you can set restrictions on Safari, YouTube, etc.

  72. r m r:

    my internet has to be connected twice the router connects without a password but then i cant figure out how to connect the modem to my ipod touch in order to get internet

  73. chon:

    hey guys,i hane a ipod touch,which is not connect with my own wifi although i enter correct password,i have siemens gigast modem se568,please help me

  74. Conserned parent:

    I would like more infromation regarding the i-pod touch wireless feature. I am trying to set some restrictions to my 12 year old and would like to know once he has found our wireless, I type in the password and he connects. Once he leaves the house and comes back can he simply connect back to the wireless without me having to enter the password again?
    Concerned parent.

  75. lizzie:

    Well i have an ipod touch and i read this but i cant seem exactly how to connet.Can you be more detailed please:)this actually helped a bit.
    please reply

  76. Glen:

    I connected to my internet recently and it says im connected but i tap on safari and it says ‘cannot opens page check if you are connected to the internet’ what do i do?

  77. Sam:

    Where do I get my password?

  78. Qbass:

    Hy guys I need to go to my app store on my I pod
    but they need credit card details I don’t have one
    pleas help
    I need to know how to send videos with iTunes
    pleas help me email me on qbassa786@gmail.com

  79. kate:

    ok, so my ipod touch is not working. i did everything on here before and all it says is “Cannot open page, safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet.” when it is, i dont know what to do.

  80. carly:

    okay well my freaking ipod dont work cas its stupiddddd and no matter what i do it says “unable to connect” and idk i have tryed EVERYTHING

  81. Kevin:

    the problem is your router settings, so
    access your router website and change
    the follwing
    Try disabling MAC filtering
    then in your wireless security feature
    make sure that your passphrase
    and password match
    otherwise reset your router and redo
    the above instructions

  82. Chanice Parke:

    ammmmmm. . . . . . . . . . .
    could you please help i tred everything to put the internet on ipod touch n it won’t work

    Chanice x

  83. aleee babbee:

    neeed helllp gerringgg wifi connection on ipodd but theres wireless connection on the laptop at homee but it sill sayss i can;t get in. Unable to join..it;s so confusingggg !! iiNeeed helppppp pleassssseee (;
    < 3 Aleeee babeee;

  84. Here's the answer:

    To connect to wifi sometimes you need to reset the network settings. Go to Settings, General, Reset, and then select Reset Network Settings. Then locate the wifi network, enter the password and you should be able to connect. I have to do this when I visit my friend’s house and use his wifi. It’s a pain, but it works.

  85. Yo' Momma ;D:

    This didn’t seem too help at all >:/

  86. Jaimee:

    I am not able to use wifi on my ipod touch. I go to the wifi networks and it says the wifi is on and under is says choose a network, but I have never been able to see a list of networks. I have also tried to go to ‘other’ and tried entering my own network which doesn’t work either, it just says, ‘joining’ but never does anything. Am I missing something? If anyone has any suggestions that would be amazing.


    HEY well im havin trouble gettin wifi. Ive tryed several times but I dont no what 2 do. It asks me for a password and i dont no wat 2 do. And ive but some apps that require it and i cant use them pleese help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. jay:

    ihave problems wth this no wifi thing on my ipod touch and seriouly need help cos i have tried jailbreaking t alot of tymseven using blackra1n…

  89. jay:

    if you wifi asks for a passwordjust go on your sky box or yah broadband and type in the password there n capital letters..

  90. ronan:


    i got da ipod touch 4 my birthday nd i put in da code nd i unlocked the wi-fi bu i still cant go on 2 the internet…!!

    can u help…!!


  91. Virginia:

    I have a question. I have an ipod touch 8gb. I have been using WiFi for about 3 mths at home and at work. All of a sudden, I cannot get connection unless I’m next to a computer. Why is that? If I walk away, I lose connect. At work, everyone uses it so, it is fine and at home, my daughters laptop and ipod work so, I know it has to do with my ipod. Any suggestions?

  92. Esly:

    I have the same question as Virginia.
    My internet has always worked on my 64 gig “ipod touch”. I’ve had it for nearly 2 months. ALL OF THE SUDDEN, it will not connect to my internet.. no matter what password I put in. It has stopped working for the past 4 days.. out of no where. Everything else in my house works off the internet just fine. Why isn’t this working????!!!!

    Not only that but I’m living allllll the way in Australia. I GOT it alllll the way back in Orlando.

    Is anyone reading the questions posted here, that all of these users are complaining about? What’s going on? Did we all waste our money, or what?

  93. Darrin:

    When your Itouch asks for a password, you must type in your encrypted key (i.e. WEP,WPA Key).

    There are a couple of steps people have posted above that walk you on how to do this, for example, username-i6o4 from 11/2/2009 has all of the steps on how to set this up, but, if your iTouch is sees your router and is just asking for your password – type in the encrypted key.

  94. henry:

    On my IPAD using a home secured network, the way I finally was successful was :

    Go to the Wi-Fi settings
    Select “OTHER” network
    Give it the same name as your home network. (in my case dlink)
    Check the security type (In my case WEP)
    Type in my WEP code.

    This was the only way I could get my IPAD to use my home system.

  95. adam:

    to anyone whos wepcode dosent work, it may be case sensitive so try using all capitals

  96. adam:

    to anyone whos wepcode dosent work, it may be case sensitive so try using all capitals.

  97. Help me please:

    My problem is that I have managed to sucessfully connect to my wi-fi but whenever I click on safari it says ‘safari will not open due to an invalid argument’ or something like that! So annoying!!! Please help me :(

  98. Tim:

    I’m having simmilar problems. I recently restored my iPod and when i tried reconnecting my iPod it connects only to the ip address and subnet mask and not the router. I typed in the correct password and everything and it still doesn’t work

  99. Nellona:

    Hi! I have awireless router and it is secure BUT I lost the password! Smart, I know but I was wondering if you knew how I could figure out my password! Thank you and I love your article!
    You may contact me at the following e-mail address!

  100. Chris:

    I could not remember my password and I contacted the company where my home internet access is and they told me where on the router the password was. If you changed it they msy be able to reset the password for you.

  101. chelsea:

    hey it doesnt come up with all the networks whats the point!!!

  102. Edwin:

    Silly Question Or ???
    I’ve got a mate who asked me if there was a way to NOT use the built in WiFi (on his ipod touch)
    to connect his T-Stick Mobile to the USB~Ipod cable hence to his 3gen Ipod touch thereby usingh his T-Stick Mobile account(JIC clarification ,a T-Stick Mobile is a cellphone without a keypad) with his iPod rather than as currently using and carting around his laptop ??
    Why does he wish this …
    when he is camping in Rural areas with cellphone coverage BUT NO WiFi within 10′s of Km/Miles
    Thanks in advance for your comments

  103. something:

    i dont get what to enter as my password

  104. Sau Bineau:

    Hey, i am the owner of matping.info .Thank’s for sharing this post.This is very helpful and informative material.Good post and keep it up friend.

  105. lexi:

    OMG ijust got my itouch and the internet and app store doesnt work cause it needs a linksys password but me or my mom dont know the password

  106. teh retarded i-touch:

    2 much SPAM! so anyways is the network security key like the network password? either than tht i hav no idea where 2 find the network password plz help and comment.

  107. Lynell:

    My iPod Touch WiFi worked until a week ago. Had to do a restore and now the WiFi option under “settings” is grey- not allowing me to turn it on at all. Even if I go to “network” under “settings” the WiFi piece is grey. How do I fix it?

  108. Juan:

    the wifi on my i touch worked but then all of a sudden it stoped it says its connected but when i try 2 go 2 the app store or facebook or i tunes it says cannot connect to what ever im trying to go to then at the bottom it says invalid argument

  109. G:

    hello … im so confused i just baught an ipod touch i am connected to my wifii ….there is a check mark right beside my network …it says im connected but i cant go on any websites it says invalid argument what do i doo

  110. sarah:

    if your having trouble with your wep key and your at home….try using your home phone number as your password

  111. Amy:

    heyy, ive been having the same problem as G. and other ppl
    my internet is connected, but i have to have a passwird to open it and i dont know what it is. where can i get the password? Have i ever needed to use it when i access my internet at home?
    i’ve tried the password which i use to access my optus internet account. Dont know what the password could be though
    facebook me or email me at :

  112. Dhanu:

    i was using internet on my ipod touch after few days due to some problems i have restored all the settings on my ipod. After that am not able to connect to the net because it is asking some password which it didnt ask before. please, help me how to solve this problem..

  113. karan:


  114. bethanee:

    hi i cant conect 2 the internet using the conecter cable so how else can i do it?

  115. oscar:

    i still cant enter

  116. Joe:

    For all people who are having difficulty connecting their Ipod touch to their home wifi router follow these instructions;
    1. Go to Settings on your Ipod Touch.
    2. Tap wi-fi and then make sure that wi-fi is on at the top of the screen.
    3. From the list shown select the network which you would like to use.
    4. If there is no padlock symbol next to the network leave for a minute and the internet should connect automatically via Safari. If there IS a padlock symbol next to the network, select the network and then straight away go back to the home screen and select Safari. A message should come up asking for a password. This password is just basically your WEP code. Fill this in – you may have to wait a few seconds for this to take effect. You should then be able to access the internet on your Ipod touch! Hope this helps :)

  117. Sammy:

    I do not have internet access to connect my iPod ,can I connect to the internet through my Blackberry to access my iPod.

  118. Sophie:

    we don’t have wireless connetction doe sthat mean that i can not set up the internet on it ??

    Please reply

  119. CHIDINMA:

    am finding it very hard to connect my itouch to the internet,don’t understand the wi-fi thing,i do have a wireless network called multi links which is available only here in Nigeria.And i don’t know allthese passwords stuff

  120. CHIDINMA:

    i need help urgently

  121. jarvis:

    what up i just got my iphone i need hlep serting up my eifi

  122. jarvis:

    i meat wifi

  123. jarvis:

    hay how do you get wifi

  124. jarvis:

    how do you get on facebook at school

  125. Red:

    Sorry for not responding sooner. I didn’t see the comments.To connect to wi fi you need to reset the network settings in Network Settings. Then locate the wi fi network, enter password and you should be able to connect. It does work but you may have to play around a bit .

  126. Sydney:

    I get all my wi-fi set up and i type in the password but after it loads it says “Unable to connect to __”( my wi-fi). how do i fix this? i need wi-fi!

  127. mindy:

    i has my internet connected to my ipod touch 4r a while n today it wont let me in it says that it is connected but when i go to safari i says that its not connected to the internet! help me!!

  128. Anna:

    So my Ipod touch says (No WiFi) on my wifi button in my settings it wont even let me click on it is there any way to fix it????

  129. Gaffrey:

    Its like you learn my thoughts! You seem to know so much about this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I think that you simply can do with a few p.c. to pressure the message house a bit, but other than that, that is fantastic blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  130. Lolo:

    Hi! I have no problem in accessing wi-fi but am wondering if there is any limitation to the use of Facebook. I can access my page but can’t click the comment/Like buttons, status button, going to Home and viewing the notifications. Why can I only read the page. thanks!

  131. Lolo:

    Another question I forgot to ask – as the above some people were advised to reset their device…then won’t we lose the contents…music, videos and photos already uploaded…thanks a million!

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