Wi-Fi setup: How do I access the internet with my iPod touch?

July 14, 2008

ipod-touch.jpgThere has been a lot of hype surrounding the iPhone 3G. It’s finally here, many people have finally been able to download and purchase many of the fantastic applications that iPhone developers have created. Thanks to the iPhone 2.0 software update, a few of my friends have the first generation iPhone and they have said it’s turned their old mobile phone into “new iPhones” thanks to all the goodies included in the software.
You can find them at the App store.

If you caught my recent post, on the iPod touch you’re aware that Apple has made this device even more appealing to those who have been thinking about purchasing iPod touch can many of the extras included with the iPhone thanks to the iPod touch software 2.0 update. iPod touch users can access the App store and take advantage of the MobileMe service.

My 32GB iPod Touch arrived today, and I was able to set up my connection at home with no problems. I also tested it out while I was out today. The restaurant where my meeting was held offered free Wi-Fi access I was able to surf the net without any issues. If you’re new to the iPod touch you might be wondering how to access the internet. I’ve included a tutorial below. After reading it, you should be able to access the internet easily.

How do I set up my iPod touch Wi-Fi connection from home?

  1. Obviously you’ll need your Apple iPod touch. It comes in three different flavors; 8GB, 16GB, or the 32GB.
  2. You need a Wi-Fi connection (this requires a wireless router along with an internet connection) that is connected to a Mac or PC.
  3. WEP key or access to your routers administration page.
  4. I was able to log onto my iPod touch by entering my network password. If you need to access your routers administration page you can find the information included with the manual that was included however if you have misplaced it you can always perform a search online or even call the company. I’ve done both to get the information.

  5. Turn on your iPod touch and tap the setting icon.
  6. Tap Wi-Fi which is located at the top of the screen (it should say “on” beside the word Wi-Fi).
  7. You should see the word “ON” besides the word Wi-Fi. You should also see a list of networks that you can join.

  8. Tap the network you want to join (your home network).
  9. After you enter this information you should see a check mark by the network you’ve selected. That’s it.

  10. Browse and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection.
  11. How do I set up my iPod touch Wi-Fi connection when I’m away from home?

    1. Make sure you’re at a location that has WI-Fi Access.
    2. Turn on your iPod touch and tap the setting icon.
    3. Tap Wi-Fi which is located at the top of the screen (it should say on beside the word Wi-Fi).
    4. You should see a list of available networks.
    5. A check mark should appear after you select the network.

    6. Browse and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection.
    7. If you are looking for locations across the world that feature places that offer free Wi-Fi check out this website. I used it when I was on vacation a over the Independence holiday and I found several locations that enabled me to access the internet with my 17″ MacBook Pro. Enjoy!

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