CodeWeavers to give away apps Tuesday

October 27, 2008

Mocking contempt for lame duck President George W Bush turns into free software as gas prices tumble back to pre-crisis levels.

Some months ago, CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White issued his “Lame Duck Presidential Challenge,” which mockingly pressed President George Bush to solve any of six problems vexing the US. The reward for fixing any of these issues would be free CodeWeavers software for all.

One of those problems listed by White was high gas prices and his benchmark for resolution was $2.79 a gallon.

“[One] morning, I was filling my tank at Big Steve’s Gas Palace in St Paul. I had just finished my morning corn dog and 64-ounce Dr Pepper when I looked at the pump and noticed gas was at $2.79. I screamed “˜Woohoo,’ then I yelled “˜Oh, crap!’ as I realized every American can now have my software for free. Kind of upsets my fourth quarter revenue projections…”””Jeremy White, CEO, CodeWeavers.

Although the “solution” to the gas price issue””mortgage crisis -> credit crisis -> global recession (ie another steaming pile of incompetence)””that we got wasn’t exactly what White had in mind, he had made a commitment and now he needed to follow through by giving away his company’s software.

Thereupon, CodeWeavers has announced (via TUAW) the company will honor White’s promise.

So, on Tuesday, Oct 28th, anyone visiting CodeWeavers website will be given a deal code that will entitle them to one free copy (a $40 value) of CodeWeavers’ award-winning CrossOver software. Each copy comes complete with support.

For the rest of us, we can choose either CrossOver Mac (run Windows apps w/o Windows) or CrossOver Games, which allows the user to play Windows-only games on the Mac.

FYI: The other five points of White’s challenge were: Return the stock market to it’s 2008 high; reduce the average price of a gallon of milk to $3.50; create at least one net job in the US this calendar year; return the median home price to its Jan. 1, 2008 level; and bring Osama Bin-Laden to justice. Further, fulfillment of any of these other conditions will trigger more free software from CodeWeavers.

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