ScrollMotion brings major e-books to the iPhone

December 23, 2008

ScrollMotion is working hard to bring e-book technology to the iPhone and iPod touch. They have now landed deals with major publishers, allowing them to bring best-selling titles to those Apple platforms.

The New York-based iPhone application developer, led by Josh Koppel, has been successfully developing iPhone apps for about five years. Now, they are capitalizing on their Iceberg e-book reader technology by signing e-book publishing deals with several top publishers, including Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Simon and Schuster, and the Penguin group. These deals will allow ScrollMotion to bring popular new titles to the iPhone and iPod Touch, including Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass, according to Yahoo News. Each individual book will be downloaded as a separate application file, which will then access the Iceberg e-book software to present the book to the reader.

ScrollMotion is not alone in its quest to bring impressive publishers and titles to the Apple mobile phone and music player platforms. Random House has signed a deal with Stanza that will allow many of its titles to be read on the iPhone and the Touch. Penguin Books has released its Penguin Mobile reader software, an iPhone application that makes the features of their Web site, blog, and book previews available on the iPhone. Some Penguin e-books are already available to iPhone owners through the eReader reader software.

Book reader technology is hardly new. It has even been around longer than the Amazon Kindle, going back at least as far as the Palm Pilot. Michael Gartenberg, vice president of mobile device strategy at Jupitermedia, says, “œ”While people did not read e-books as much on [the] Palm Pilot, screens on the iPhone are pretty darn good for reading this content. The iPhone, which is connected by a vast wireless network, has a good resolution screen. “¦ For a lot of consumers who don’t want to carry a separate device with them, the platform is the right kind of platform to steer this forward to the next level.”

What ScrollMotion brings to the table is publishing contracts with a number of major publishers, each with blockbuster books on offer. Now that devices like the iPhone and iPod touch have displays that make reading comfortable on the eyes, the world may well be ready to buy and read best-seller level titles on very mobile devices. Why pay for a Kindle when a device that you already own will let you read the best books?

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