How to remove the iWork ’09 trojan

January 23, 2009

Software piracy might earn you a special seat at the front of the bus on the highway hell. In the meantime, however, you probably want that little piece of heaven on your desk””yes, your Macintosh””to be malware free. Here’s how to get rid of the OSX.Trojan.iServices.A (aka iWork ’09 trojan)

Live free or die

The most obvious way to avoid getting infected by the iWorkServices trojan is to simply not to try to pirate the latest version of Apple’s office productivity suite. Really, listen to Nancy and Just say no!

Assuming you have already booked passage to the underworld on account that you “liberated,” “permanently borrowed” or otherwise “acquired without paying” for iWork ’09, our friends at SecureMac have created the iWorkServicesTrojanRemovalTool.dmg, a free and easy to use tool for finding and eradicating OSX.Trojan.iServices.A.

“The [iWork ’09 trojan] horse downloads components in the background from malicious users and slows down your computer. Click the “Scan” button to scan for [Ed: and remove] the iWorkServices trojan horse”“”SecureMac

See also:
“” SecureMac’s full featured antivirus package, MacScan 2.6 ($29.99 single user, $49.99 family pack), which promises protection from malware in general and the iWork ’09 trojan in particular.

Likewise, VirusBarrier X5 ($69.95, review) also promises wide ranging malware protection, as well as a defense against the iWork ’09 trojan. In fact, it was our friends at Intego, creators of VirusBarrier, that discovered this trojan and sounded the alarm that there is OS X malware out there in the wild, but also that 20,000 people have already downloaded (and likely installed) the iWork ’09 trojan, as well.

[u] Symantec has issued a statement about and posted fresh definitions that allows Norton AntiVirus for Mac to detect the iWork ’09 trojan.

[uu] And, if you are interested in trying strong medicine (ie Unix command line), then check out Pedro Bueno’s Internet Storm Center posting on the “sudo voodoo” needed to purge a Mac without the use of wires or a net.

Again, the surest way not to get infected with the iWork ’09 trojan is to not pirate the software””it is good to be good! Barring that, the next best thing is to protect yourself with antivirus software””get the iWork ’09 trojan specific utility or go with full-featured antivirus software from SecureMac, Intego, Symantec, etc.

So, with the arrival of the iWork ’09 trojan do you feel less safe than you did, say, a week ago?

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