How to: Edit, manage Safari 4’s Top Sites

March 24, 2009

Whether or not Safari is the ‘world’s best’ or ‘fastest’ browser can be argued about ad infinitum by partisans. However, Apple’s default browser has at least one feature that no other has, Top Sites, and here’s a quick and dirty “how to” on using and managing this feature.

In order to get started, click the “Show Top Sites” option under Safari’s history menu. You can also perform the same command without taking your hands off the keyboard by pressing ⌘ + Shift + 1.

Once you’re in Top Sites you will need to click the “Edit” button in the lower left of the window. There are a few ways to manage the appearance and content of the Top Sites view:

1. In the lower right corner of the view, you can choose the sizes (small, medium, large), thus increasing or decreasing the number of sites shown.

2. Also, after you clicked the edit button, Safari will display an icon in the upper right of each Top Site page icon that has an “X” and a pushpin. Clicking the X removes a site and clicking the pushpin fixes that page in that position.

3. You can manually add sites to Top Sites by opening the page in another window and then dragging the that site’s icon (to the left of the URL in the navigation bar) into a window open in Top Sites view.

4. To rearrange sites within the To Sites view, simply click and drag.

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When you’ve got things where you want them, just click “Done” in the lower right of the window and you are all set.

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