Mac stalls, Linux cracks 1%, iPhone continues rise

May 1, 2009

Although there are month-to-month variations in how the various components of Apple’s business grow, the upward trend has been continuous for years now. The same can be said of Linux and Mozilla’s Firefox as well. All of this growth comes at the expense of Microsoft’s declining monopolies, and how could that be bad?

Net Applications monthly operating system figures for the Mac vary, rising and falling, with the overall trend always positive. Stats for April show the Mac OS down slightly and still stalled below the milestone of 10 percent of Web traffic measured. However, as has been the case for some time now, adding Mac, iPhone and iPod touch””the first time figures for Apple’s other handheld have been broken out””puts the total for OS X well over that benchmark.

” Windows””87.90 percent (88.14 percent)
” Mac OS””9.73 (9.77)
” Linux””1.02 (0.90)
” iPhone””0.55 (0.49)
” iPod touch””0.15 (first time as separate entry))

Also of particular note is the fact that Linux has finally cracked the 1 percent barrier of Web traffic measured. Yes, there’s a strong likelihood Net Application’s data for May will put the open source system below that threshold, but again the long term trend for Linux has been up for some years now.

Naturally, these players’ good fortune comes at Windows expense.

Continued rise of open source

Of the top five browsers, four have been built using open source, accounting for just over one-third of browser Web traffic measured by Net Applications last month. Thereupon, since May 1 of last year, Internet Explorer has lost 10 percentage points with the lion’s share of that going to Firefox, which holds a majority share in some European countries.

01 Internet Explorer””66.10 percent (66.82 percent)
02 Firefox””22.48 (22.05)
03 Safari””8.21 (8.23)
04 Chrome””1.42 (1.23)
05 Netscape””0.82 (0.69)

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The big movers in April were Chrome, which added two-tenths, and Netscape, which keeps popping back into the Top 5, despite the fact that this browser is now longer in development””go figure.

It’s interesting to note that despite the fact that various sources have reported that netbooks are fueling Windows growth, the one area you’d expect to see that born””web usage data””continues to show an ongoing decline

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