Mac games: Best free solitaire games for Mac OS X

May 11, 2009

Whether you have just five minutes on a bench or five days in a hospital to get through, solitaire is one of the all-time greatest time sinks. However, just because you have some free time doesn’t mean you have to pay to fill it up””read on for how to get more play for little to no money.

Currently, my go-to solitaire application is Solitaire Forever’s Klondike Forever, which is absolutely free and offers a pleasing mix of high quality graphics and flexible rules. My personal favorite is Klondike One (i.e. you get dealt one card at a time), which I win about 41 percent of the time. That’s about four times my success rate when playing the card version of the game.

” dogMelon Classic Solitaire, 9.0MB
“” Over 40 solitaire games, including Klondike, Freecell & Canfield

” Olivier Playez MyMahj, 7.8MB
“” A solitaire mahjongg game modeled beautifully in 2D and 3D

” Solitaire Forever Klondike Forever, 4.8MB
“” Fast, smooth and beautiful

” LavaCat Solitaire XL, 1.0MB
“” Klondike solitaire with “stunning” Cocoa and OpenGL graphics

” Word Power Solitario, 899K
“” A simple fast and addictive game that’s very difficult to solve

Although there’s no shortage of traditional solitaire games above, you should also try Solitario and MyMahj, which take the concept and move it to another, equally addicting level. That is, why not download them to just have a few extra things to do because you never know when you will need them (i.e. there’s nothing quite so dull as train station or airport lounge with no or unbearably slow Wi-Fi access).

Got a favorite time waster free game or two that have gotten you through a dull meeting or cab ride or three? Share a name and link (and story, too) in the comments below…

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