Steve Jobs purportedly had liver transplant in Tennessee

June 20, 2009

The story of the Apple CEO’s pancreatic cancer odyssey took another unanticipated, though not unusual, turn just ahead of his anticipated return. Thereupon, Tim Cook will likely keep his hands on the reigns and might be named to the company’s board.

According to a doctor quoted by The Wall Street Journal (pay wall) who has not treated or examined Steve Jobs, the type of cancer he was initially diagnosed and treated for back in 2004 could have metastasized in another organ and, if it did says this expert, the overwhelmingly likely site for it to spread would be the liver.

“All total, 75 percent of patients are going to have the disease [islet cell neuroendocrine tumor] spread over the course of their life,” says Dr. William Hawkins, a physician specializing in pancreatic and gastrointestinal surgery at Washington University in St Louis, MO.

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Tennessee: ‘The Stage Is Set For You’

Additionally, other experts quoted by WSJ say that Tennessee is often the destination of choice for transplant patients because wait times in that state are much, much shorter than other states and there are no residency requirements. For example, the median number of days for a liver nationally was 308 days in 2006, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing, and just 48 days in Tennessee.

That said, Steve Jobs announced in early January he was taking medical leave and this report claims he had the transplant about two months ago in April, which is well over 40-odd days generally required to locate a donor and have the surgery.

According to William Chapman, another Washington University specialist with no direct knowledge of Jobs case, recovery from a liver transplant is relatively fast and straight forward with the five-year survival rate over 70 percent.

Lastly, quoting an unnamed source, WSJ adds that because Mr. Jobs has been encouraged to “work part-time for a month or two” upon his return, which Apple has stated and restated is still on track for the end of June, Tim Cook will step up and take “a more encompassing role.” Thereupon, Cook may soon be appointed to Apple’s board adds the source.

It’s interesting that this news, including detailed specifics about his transition back to work sure to calm investor concerns, was “leaked” just before the weekend…

What’s your take?

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