Apple workers give Jobs high marks

July 18, 2009

There are a number of truisms about the Cupertino, CA-based Mac, iPod and iPhone maker. Unfortunately for the denizens of 1 Infinite Loop, these don’t include high wages or reasonable working hours.

Quoting data from Glassdoor, the employee satisfaction and CEO ranking people, GigaOm reports that Apple employees give their slave driving CEO high marks even though they rate their workplace only third best.

Technical Support Agent (current employee):

Always something new! Great customers, great co-workers, great products. Opportunities for advancement exist “” Apple expects the best and promotes the best. Feedback from management is fair, frequent and consistent. Training is expected and encouraged.

Senior Hardware Engineer (current employee):

Pros: great company, great product, job security (at least for now in 2009), challenging and interesting work. Cons: extremely long hours for people around me. I’ve heard some other groups are less stressful and work regular hours, but overall people work very hard and long hours.

Anonymous (past employee “” 2007):

Apple is the type of company that you really want to work for. Senior leadership, products, market reputation are first rate.

That last comment””either you drink the kool-aid or you don’t””rather sums the impression many outsiders have about Apple employees. Then again, would you rather be a bottom feeder at eBay or AT&T, where moral and leadership ratings, not to mention employee feedback, are at toxic levels? Or perhaps well regarded Adobe, which seems to be adrift in a sea of profit?

Hmm, I’m thinking I’d like another glass of sweet n’ sugary stuff…

What’s your take?

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