Mac security: MacCinema is the same steaming pile [different day]

August 12, 2009

Don’t let the nattering nabobs of negativity and cataclysmic doom convince you otherwise “” there’s nothing new in the world of Mac malware. That said, there are places out there on the Internet (i.e. porn sites) that will tell you to install software that really isn’t software.

Those merchants of happiness and joy, TrendMicro (ie no you’ll never be cured), have discovered a fresh variant of the domain naming system (DNS) changer trojan that’s been making the rounds of porn and warez sites in recent years. This one carries the sporty and enticing name OSX-JAHLAV.D, which gives it a real leg up on its nearly universally failed predecessor OSX-JAHLAV.C, which itself incited the usual canards from PC fan boys and anti-virus vendors back in June.

The Trojan is supposedly a QuickTime Player update with the file name QuickTimeUpdate.dmg. As with its earlier variants, users are prompted to download the malware when trying to view certain online videos from .com domains with the IP address,…

If you click the link for the MacCinema update, the nasty file will be downloaded. Running this installer will result in malicious payload files UNIX_JAHLAV.D, PERL_JAHLAV.F and UNIX_DNSCHAN.AA being installed in a number of locations, including /tmp/{random 3 numbers}.

Of course, all of this is just a variation on themes covered here and elsewhere again and again””don’t download software from porn or warez sites, try to be nice to people and small animals, and get some (free) antivirus software, keep it fresh and run it on a scheduled basis.

There’s one born every…

And, yes, if you really, really, really feel the overwhelming need to give Trend Micro $50 this and every year thereafter until their shareholders beg you to stop, then by all means buy Smart Surfing for Mac, which says it will protect you from yourself “threats” like the one above.

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