Apple’s $29 Snow Leopard DVD is the full meal deal

August 27, 2009

The mothership’s software mandarins have said you need to install Snow Leopard on top of Leopard and that Tiger (OS X 10.4.x) users should buy the $169 Mac Box Set, which includes a full copy of not just OS X 10.6, but also iWork ’09 and iLife ’09. The reality of the situation is rather more heartening (and less expensive).

Lifehacker, in a fairly lengthy piece on how to install Snow Leopard, reports that Apple’s cheap $29 upgrade DVD will not only bring your Leopard flavored Mac up to date, but also any compatible Mac running Tiger. Moreover, you can (and should) wipe your Mac’s hard disc and perform a clean install, which invariably produces better results across the board.

Yes, it could take you two or more hours to back up, wipe, install Snow Leopard and then re-install any missing applications, but as our geeky PC cousins can tell you a fresh, cruftless OS install can’t be beat for stability and performance.

Got a tasty Snow Leopard trip? Share an anecdote and a link in the comments below…

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