How to: Safari running slow? Try using Google Public DNS

December 6, 2009

As everyone knows, Google is taking over the world one highly useful, well-implemented Web function at a time. The latest piece in this puzzle is the addition of public DNS services, which can be really helpful in making your Mac faster online.

When it comes to squeezing every drop of performance out of the Internet, in addition to cleaning out your caches and cookies on a regular basis, you can also configure your Mac to use a third-party Domain Name System (DNS) service, which can significantly (your mileage may vary) improve how fast you get from here to there.

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Thereupon, last week Google announced their eponymous Public DNS service, which is an open, public and completely free service that might just be faster than the DNS service you’re using now. Benefits are said to include:

  • Performance“”Google Public DNS implements “smart” caching to increase the speed of responses.
  • Security“”DNS is vulnerable to various kinds of spoofing attacks that can “poison” a nameserver’s cache and route its users to malicious sites.
  • Correct results“”Google Public DNS does its best to return the right answer to every query every time, in accordance with the DNS standards.
  • How to do it

    1. Go to System Preferences -> Network -> click “Advanced”

    2. Click the “DNS” tab and then the ” + ”

    3. Paste or type in and

    4. You are now good to go, enjoy!

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    That was easy but, as noted above, it’s only one of the things (cache n’ cookies above) you can easily do to make your Mac a little faster on line.

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    via LifeHacker

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    12 Responses to “How to: Safari running slow? Try using Google Public DNS”

    1. Bourne:

      Keep the tips coming Ron.

    2. scott:

      Hey Ron,

      Just so happens that I have an iMac that recently has started having slow page-loads in all browsers, so I’m going to try this. Question — do I need to delete the iMac’s current DNS setting, or just add these?


    3. Joe:

      There are other DNS servers that will have the same benefits (opendns, etc).

      I would strongly encourage people to stop feeding the Google monster. Google has a stated intention of taking over all access to information – and every little step helps them get there.

      Google is evil. Stop feeding them.

    4. Constable Odo:

      Bull. Those Google DNS servers are not fast at all for me. I tried using them for a couple of days and they were pokey. You people should first use your latest ISPs DNS servers and then try OpenDNS servers. My NYC TimeWarner Roadrunner DNS servers are much faster than those Google DNS crappers. Check around on some forums to see what people are using and find out for yourself. Speed is not guaranteed by using the Google DNS servers. And yes I also feel that Google is trying to take over everything on the internet in the name of ad clicks. I still think that Google has the best search engine, though.

      Want a little more speed in Safari? Clear your cache often and use ClickToFlash.

    5. Art Vandelay:

      Using Google’s DNS service is a great idea if you want to give Google a record of every website you visit and what you do while you’re there! Google is a monster that wants to know everything about everyone, and its dangerous. I use Bing for searches and avoid Google products whenever possible.

    6. Humbs:

      ClickToFlash! Was the best tip of the year! Thank’s Constable Odo!

    7. CraigF:

      Art Vandelay said, “Google is a monster that wants to know everything about everyone, and its dangerous. I use Bing for searches and avoid Google products whenever possible.”

      Say WHAT!? You think Google is evil, so you throw your love to Microsoft? Holy #$@!

      At least Google doesn’t try to take over the internet by appropriating and proprietizing everything in sight! Yikes!

    8. Mike:

      Haha, Google is evil, and Bing (from Microsoft) isn’t?

      Try OpenDNS: and

    9. Ronald O Carlson:

      Hey, I covered Click to Flash back in October! Tip of the year indeed…

    10. Mi:

      Easy explanation: when using Google-DNS all the stats-addresses from Google are served very fast. The more google is on the web site you visit (and there is lots even on pages you don´t see them) the faster it goes. If you really want to speed up your browser create a host file in the /etc-directory and place entries for all google services you don´t use with address For example like that:
      This really really really gives you a boost. Just be careful what you´re banning. If you like the advices given by google you shouldn´t put in the entry I´ve mentioned. For me it works pretty good.

    11. Humbs:

      Great Ronald O.
      Good to know. I’m late about this… :-) Good review.

    12. Tijah:

      Try System Preferences->Network->Advanced->TCP/IP tab-> Configure IPv6 and switch IPv6 off rather than Automatic.
      Worked for me! Like hell!

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