The things the iPad is missing [or isn’t]

January 28, 2010

When it comes to new Apple products, perhaps the only as inevitable as extreme hype is the extreme silliness exhibited by some pundits at the features the new product “lacks.” Then again, in a world dominated by Windows products jammed with functionality that doesn’t function, what else should we expect?

Like a lot of reports about Apple’s brand-spanking-new iPad tablet computing device, the Gadget Lab (Wired) write includes a list of features that are “missing.”

No camera: This is actually a complaint about no video conferencing, because no one would use a device this big to take stills. I’ve never found much use for video conferencing, even when I lived overseas. So, missing? Meh…

No flash support: Why won’t people get over Flash? It’s a destabilizing resource pig on every platform and increasingly the attack vector of choice for hackers. How in the world can a “technology” with attributes like this be considered missing? HTML5 is open and superior “” death to Flash.

No multi-tasking: Although no one’s actually sure of this point, a lack of multitasking and/or background processes would be an important issue. That is, a device so obviously well-suited for blogging has to offer fast app switching, period.

No GPS in the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad. On this point I think Gadget Lab has a point, but it should be paired with voice recognition for hands free operation “” killer functionality. Who doesn’t want a GPS display this freakin’ big?

That said, I guess the real question is whether or not GPS is worth $130 extra? Really, the iPad is sold unlocked and, even if you get the 3G + GPS, you don’t have to turn on the 3G. Honestly, it’s AT&T.

Which brings up perhaps the most important think the iPad doesn’t have “” multi-carrier support right out of the gate. Then again, it’s sold unlocked, so T-Mobile is a distinct possibility.

What features do you think aren’t getting their due or perhaps features that “should” be in there? Drop us a note and share your impressions in the comments below…

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