iTunes app store hacked

July 4, 2010

According to a number of reports around the Internet, including a wide variety from iTunes account holders, a number of iTunes accounts have been hacked, with users being charged hundreds of dollars.

First, a recommendation: Go to your iTunes account. Then click on “œAccount” in the right hand link menu. Login as requested Then click on “œPurchase History.” If there are purchases there that you have not made, likely multiple purchases in the $40-50 range that you did not make, you have been hacked. Regardless of whether you have been hacked or not, this would be an excellent time to change your iTunes password to something stronger. Click on “œEdit Account Info” on the account screen to do that.

Now for more details on the hack itself. Users noticed it first, according to a Techie Buzz story, when they checked their account history or their credit card info online. It is not clear if these users received a bill to alert them or not. Bills from the iTunes store are often delayed by a few days, of course. There are a significant number of reports on a variety of Apple-related forum threads. There are reports of problems on a number of social networking sites as well, including Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk. This is real, not a hoax; there are too many individual reports for it to be a rumor.

There is some conjecture that a hacker going by the name of Thuat Nguyen is doing the hacking, and that part of the reason may be to drive his own apps higher in the app store rankings. This has not yet been confirmed, though it is clear that making a bit of money illegally may be on the hacker’s mind, as well. You might want to tell your friends. Word will spread slower on a U.S. holiday like this one than it normally would.

And change that password!

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