New Mac Pro coming with USB 3, faster FireWire

July 18, 2010

It has been more than a year since the last Mac Pro update, so a refresh is more than overdue. Although the processor, chipset and graphics aren’t known, Apple’s pro tower is getting faster, way faster, I/O in the form of USB 3 and next-gen FireWire connectivity.

Quoting one of their “better sources,” HardMac reports that new Mac Pros will be arriving in the back-to-school timeframe. Whereas rumors of LightPeak, an I/O created by Apple and embraced by Intel, won’t make the cut this time, USB 3 and next-gen FireWire, which could mean 1600 and/or 3200 standard compliance.

Yes, USB 3 is backward compatible with and 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Likewise, FireWire 3200 offers 3.2Gbps versus today’s FireWire 800.

Sadly, LightPeak technology, a new high-speed (10Gbps) optical cable technology designed to connect electronic devices developed by Intel, won’t make the cut this year, though HardMac says next year could be the time.

And, what about Blu-ray? Ain’t gonna be no stinkin’ Blu-ray

What’s your take?

via Mac News

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