70% of college freshman bring Macs

August 5, 2010

Although Microsoft just posted record revenues, the company’s future appears cloudy at best as young users overwhelmingly choose not just the Mac, but also to eschew Redmond’s bread and butter office productivity suite. The age old lesson, “get ‘em when they’re pups,” seems to have been utterly lost on the software giant.

SeattlePi reports that shares in Microsoft dipped on Wednesday following a scathing research note from Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdhry, who downloaded the company’s stock. His reasoning for doing so was direct and hard to argue with: 1.) Office 2010 attachment rates have fallen in the important public and education sectors; and 2.) college freshman have nearly forsaken Windows, with 70 percent choosing to enter university with Macs in their bags.

Thereupon, Chowdry’s analysis is damning, “Our research is indicating that Microsoft is unable to connect with the new generation of users,” leading him to conclude that there’s no upside for the company for the next 12 to 18 months. Measured in internet time, that’s about 10 years of bad news.

Lastly, and this hits Redmond where it lives right now, Chowdhry adds that enterprise IT departments are increasingly giving employees a choice of Windows and Mac computers, and, you guessed it, cubicle dwellers are picking the Mac more and more often.

So, why does Steve Ballmer still have a job?

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3 Responses to “70% of college freshman bring Macs”

  1. aquaadverse:

    Yawn. Been there, done that back in the late ’80′s and early ’90′s when Apple was practically giving away their computers to schools. How’d that work out?

    And Ballmer still has a job because enterprise IT doesn’t begin and end at the desktop. You might want to spend some time reading the other articles on this website. A more pertinent question might be why anyone takes you seriously when you opine on anything outside of the consumer market. You clearly don’t understand much about enterprise IT and continue to insist Microsoft makes computers.


    The same pent up demand that got 7 off to such a solid start will be repeated in the business sector when the current financial condition improves.

    Single sourcing hardware and software is not considered best practices and lack of a real server line or enterprise support will continue to keep Apple a non-player in that sector no matter how many anecdotal examples you dig up to support your significant consumerization of IT fantasy. It makes no sense to stick a Mac in a cubical and run Window’s applications on it for the entire day

    Once those students graduate the overwhelming majority will connect with Microsoft through the need to have an income to keep them in iPads.

  2. Ron:

    “seems to have been utterly lost on the software giant.”

    Why do you think MSFT has always pushed so hard in Elementary/Middle/High Schools?

    Anyway, UVA is *really expensive* and pretty snobby. It’s no surprise that they’re big Mac users.

    Go to any “regular” public Uni and Dell and HP will dominate.

    “why does Steve Ballmer still have a job?”

    Umm, because MSFT just posted record profits?

  3. wealthyaffiliate:

    Finally! Someone finally hit the nail on the head with this! For some reason not too many people know about this or at least talk about it. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!

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