Windows, desktops fading fast at University of Virginia

August 6, 2010

A recent analyst report sent Microsoft shares lower on concerns the software giant has lost the war for young hearts and minds. Now, over a decade of student computer use data out of the “state for lovers” backs the conclusion that Redmond is increasingly out of sight and mind on campus.

The University of Virginia has published rather telling data about student computer use on their campus and it doesn’t look good for Microsoft. Whereas every student on campus reported they own a computer, nearly 100 percent of which are notebooks, they are about evenly split in their choice between Windows and Mac OS X, though the trend is clearly in Cupertino’s favor.

Additionally, although the available Linux operating systems have never been stronger, especially Ubuntu which is very easy to use and on the eyes, open source operating system adoption at the University of Virginia is now essentially a rounding error, having peaked at about 2 percent back in 2004.

Earlier in the week, Global Equities analyst Trip Chowdhry spawned headlines when he downgraded Microsoft shares because his research shows Office 2010 attachment rates are falling and that 70 percent of college freshman are choosing the Mac. The situation isn’t that dire at the University of Virginia, yet the trend is absolutely clear and it seems likely that the Mac using students will outnumber their Windows cousins this school year.

How many Windows laptops are you seeing on campus? They’re probably as popular as the Zune and Windows Mobile…

What’s your take?

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3 Responses to “Windows, desktops fading fast at University of Virginia”

  1. Robert Thompson:


    Mankind has a future after all, thanks to the next generation.

  2. Bob:

    I have a windows. I download a backup software on it called safecopybackup, it really works well with it. Actually, it shares one account with other 2 PCs. Safecopy gives 5GB free trial if you like.

  3. bllue buddah:

    not very tech savvy over there at the U o V, no Linux geeks around…

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