Verizon debuts iPad ad! iPhone up next?

November 9, 2010

Verizon has begun running a national television ad advertising the Apple iPad tablet computer bundled along with their MiFi solution for broadband connectivity to kick off the Verizon-Apple relationship.

Apple has long been known for their creative approach to product advertising, and have kept ads under their own tight control for most of their corporate history. So it seems a little odd to see an ad produced by someone else, yet featuring an Apple product. This could turn out to be a harbinger of good things to come for Verizon and Apple, showing teamwork and cooperation between the two for what should be a much larger venture to come: the introduction of a Verizon iPhone, an event which could be coming as soon as January of 2011, according to rumors about a CDMA iPhone in the mill.

The ad shows a man sitting in his house with an iPad on his lap, then pulling out a Verizon MiFi mobile hotspot, which (of course) works via the Verizon 3G network. The house in which he is sitting then lifts away bit by bit, and the man is left computing happily, presumably with fast 3G broadband, sitting in his chair on an ocean cliff. It is a very effective ad. The prices of the iPads bundled with the Verizon MiFi device are roughly equivalent to the prices of an iPad WiFi + 3G purchased from Apple’s online store, according to an AppleInsider article. The speeds at which Verizon’s 3G run are basically the same as those obtained from the AT&T network on which the iPad WiFi + 3G runs natively.

The lack of the apparent  level of cooperation currently being enjoyed by Apple and Verizon may have been a large part of the reason that Apple went with AT&T in 2007; Verizon has always wanted to control their own advertising, as has Apple, and that may have been a deal-breaker between the two companies as they tried to negotiate a deal prior to the launch of the original iPhone. It looks like Apple and Verizon have sorted out the advertising problem just in time for the launch of a new Verizon iPhone.

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