Apple stores sell scads of iPads, Macs

November 30, 2010

It seems that everywhere you look, there is yet another retail store that is selling the iPad. With all that retail sales help, you would think that Apple store sales would be down. Read on and think again.

There are days where one expects the iPad to be on sale at your local hardware store and gas station. Apple has corralled a large number of partners to help sell the iPad, chains like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. These sales have to be cutting into the sales of iPads in Apple stores, yet some new numbers are available that show the iPad, and other Apple products selling wildly well at Apple’s retail outlets.

Gene Munster, the Apple guru at Piper Jaffray and Chris Whitmore from Deutsche Bank both did considerable research recently on how Apple stores were doing with retail sales, according to a TMCNet article. There was no bad news in the analyst’s findings; as it turns out, Apple’s retail outlets are alive and well, and selling like crazy. The iPad is a great example. Despite the competition from other retail chains, on average every Apple retail store is selling iPads at the rate of 8.8 iPads per hour. That’s a lot of iPads.

And Apple’s tablet is not the only star. Macs were moving out at a rate of 8.2 per store per hour, as well. Although that is about even with last year and down from the year before, it is still a lot of hardware being moved out the door. Of this, Munster said “While Mac sales were flat year-over-year, we believe it is too early to make a call on Macs in the December quarter. Note that Mac NPD data in the first month of the quarter (October) was up 20 percent year-over-year.”

Both Munster and Whitmore used phrases like “iPads are still selling like crazy” and “the 11-inch MacBook Air has been flying off the shelves” to describe the volume of business being done in Apple retail stores. Munster sees all of this as good news with no downside, saying “Most notable in our observations, we noticed that the iPad is gaining traction (driven by lower price versus the Mac) among demographics in which the Mac has historically not been successful. The bottom line is that Apple’s addressable market is expanding with the iPad.”

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