Pensioners demand to know Jobs succession plan

January 9, 2011

For me at least, the idea of a demanding pensioner conjures up the image of an irate granny with sharp elbows and a handbag of deadly proportions. However, the reality is that the people behind this move are more likely to be sharp toothed lawyers in silk suits.

According to, the Central Laborers Pension Fund, which owns more than 11,000 AAPL shares, will submit a proposal at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting that would require the company to “adopt and disclose a written and detailed succession planning policy.” In other words, they wanna know who will run the company should Steve Jobs leave the company.

For its part, Apple says that it already has a succession plan in place and that making it public would hurt their ability to attract and retain top talent. That is, executives not given a leading role might be tempted to ply their skills elsewhere, creating openings the company would then be hard pressed to fill.

Yes, mam!

Does the pension fund’s proposal stand a chance of being adopted? As long as Steve keeps banging out world beating products and AAPL rises commensurately it’s hard to imagine anyone getting too worked up about internal dynastic politics.

Then again, a sharp-elbowed granny with a lethal bag just might get her way. She certainly stands a better chance than a bunch of silk-handed lawyers…

What’s your take?

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One Response to “Pensioners demand to know Jobs succession plan”

  1. Tony Lehne aka ElvIsAlive:

    apple should have someone new to run things that has new ideas that can help apple

    i believe it should be me WHY

    The IMac 27inch i own , needs many upgrades in which apple , wont let me post at there forums. they just delete the posts

    i IMac needs a removable dust filter on the bottom of the screen, what happens to your IMac, 2 years down the track , full of dust and you have to take it to a apple store for dust removal as i do.

    imac needs the fastest video card from ati, not a 2 year old one like my one year old machine, i can also upgrade mine with apple but you have to ask. it should be a option for users.

    the iphone 3 and 4 needs flash in there web browsers
    steve is stubborn, as the one button mouse which failed.

    Apple needs more advanced keyboards and mice, like a led keyboard witch can change typefaces on the fly.
    if you hit a option key it could show you shortcuts on the fly. plus it glows in the dark, great for working late at nite.

    Snow leopard, needs upgrades all over the place, i think apple, left the mac users in the dark for upgrades. apple should buy gaming rights to many games and convert them to Snow leopard. improving those game within the source code. so games run faster on a mac.

    Apple is NUTS for no selling Snow leopard to PC users
    if apple priced it at say 500US dollars at least PC users who are mackintosh experts could dual boot there PC with windows and Macintosh, apple would make millions from this idea. oh Steve Jobs is stubborn again hey

    apple should have a build of apple that cheap do it ya-self type of mac, just the case and motherboard and let people buy there own parts, if they sold snow leopard to PC users then hardware drivers would start happening.

    just a few of my ideas


    Tony Lehne Aka ElvIsAlive

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