What’s new in iTunes 10.4

July 21, 2011

Creamy smooth Cocoa goodness percolating with 64-bit fluidity across the taste buds of my digital palette. Whereas Apple says this update is Lion-specific — i.e. fullscreen mode, gesture navigation — the company could have delivered Cocoa and 64-bit many moons ago.

‘Twas a busy day yesterday for Apple’s software simians. Thereupon, in addition to Lion’s roar on the Mac App Store, the company also shipped iTunes 10.4 (download, See also: What’s new in Safari 5.1, 5.0.6, What’s new in iWork 9.1).

In terms of usable functionality, iTunes 10.4 offers Lion’s full-screen capability which means you can use simple gestures to navigate from fullscreen app to another of which there aren’t a ton. Also, for those of us with two or more displays, full-screen isn’t really working.

The real business of iTunes 10.4 is that it’s now written Cocoa, Apple’s native object-oriented application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Mac. It’s also 64-bit, which could have the benefit of making the apps more stable and secure.

The mothership warns that some older iTunes plugins aren’t compatible with iTunes 10.4. I experienced this behavior and several of SoundSpectrum’s popular visualizer plugins have problems, which is an issue I plan to take a deeper look at.

Got your fingers into iTunes 10.4? Sound off in the comments below…

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