It happened again: Apple sweeps PCWorld survey

December 7, 2011

Once upon a time, a PC was a PC and the Mac definitely wasn’t. With an ever growing number of consumers and enterprises, one user at a time, choosing iPhones, iPads and Macs over Microsoft products, the distinction is fading. Pissy aspersions from me aside, this is good for users, businesses and Apple, especially Apple.

Given the choice, what products do PCMag readers pick? In five out of five categories in which Apple competed they took top marks.

That was last June, and not a few before that, as well, but what about today? Surely Windows 7’s excellent features and (*cough*) reliability will have helped the competition claw back Apple’s gains?

In a word, not.

PCMag has published the results of their annual (December) reader satisfaction and reliability survey. Quite Naturally, Apple swept the lot again.

Further, both Dell and HP’s home products sank to the bottom and Asus of all companies managed to slip into the number two spot.

      • Desktop Reliability: Macintosh

      • Desktop Features: Macintosh

      • Desktop Service and Support: Macintosh

      • Laptop Reliability: Macintosh

      • Laptop Features: Macintosh

      • Laptop Service and Support: Macintosh

      • Smartphone Reliability: iPhone

      • Smartphone Ease of Use: iPhone

      • Smartphone Features: iPhone

      • Tablet Reliability: iPad

      • Tablet Ease of Use: iPad

      • Tablet Features: Apple iPad

Again, if Apple has a product in a PCMag category, Apple owns the top spot. Whereas there are other vendors that have entries in the desktop, tablet and smartphone categories, Apple’s the only built around one consistent operating system and ecosystem.

Hmm, it’s almost as if Apple knows something the other companies don’t…

What’s your take?

via MacDailyNews

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