iPad 3 rumored, believe it or not, for March

January 6, 2012

When did the original iPad arrive? April 3. And, the iPad 2? It began shipping on March 11. If you were a betting person with no special insider knowledge, when would you think Apple plans to ship their next-generation tablet? No, it doesn’t take a rocket science to reckon it.

Last year around this rumors circulated that Apple would ship the iPad 2 in March and then an iPad in the Fall. Of course, Cupertino did indeed deliver their second gen slate in March, but did not offer a third version in the fall and that brings us up to date.

Here it is January again and the wild n’ wonderful wackos at DigiTimes are back again — yeah, it was them last time — with another multi-iPad model year rumor.

Yes, they say, there will be an iPad in March that offers a pixel-doubled 1,536 x 2,048 display powered by an A6 system-on-chip processor. And, yes, the company will sell the entry-level iPad 2 for $399 whence comes the new model.

And, here’s where DigiTimes goes off the rails — they say, quoting supply chain sources, Apple will ship an iPad 4 in the Fall.

What they probably really meant to say in their heart of hearts is that Apple has asked suppliers to provide factory ready prototype parts in that timeframe in order to be ready for iPad production ’round about the end of the year and delivery of shipping product in March 2013.

It’s a reasonable assumption because that’s what they did in the Fall of 2010 and again in 2011.

Ready for an iPad 3, boys and girls?

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  1. Joey:

    I am so ready for an iPad 3. I have the original iPad and it is still kickin strong! I guess you could say that I am ready for an upgrade! Since there are rumors of a smaller iPad going around, I think it’ll be interesting to see what new thing Apple is coming out with, and more importantly, when they are. I really hope that March is the month!

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