Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3: Up to speed

February 1, 2012

The version Apple shipped in June 2011 was greeted with both cheers and jeers. The admixture of superior editing and performance characteristics contrasted sharply with missing features, such as multicam support, backward compatibility and collaboration tools. With this release, Apple has addressed the great majority of problems while significantly upping the performance ante.

My friend James popped up on Messages about noonish on Tuesday and was quite excited. It’s not unusual for him to be awake and conversant in the middle of the night — he lives in Taiwan — though when he wants to talk Final Cut it’s usually to complain. Not so today.

“I just gave FCPX 10.0.3 a go and it is now a multicam editor!” he enthused and he was just getting warmed up about all of the things that are now right with Apple’s prodigal pro video editing app.

Apple has released Final Cut Pro 10.0.3 and the new features and improved pretty much cover the outstanding issues:

      • XML 1.1 support: Export basic primary color grades to third-party applications, like DaVinci Resolve. Users can also import and export audio keyframes and intrinsic effects parameters such as opacity and scale — save time and reduces creative rework when moving projects and media between applications

      • Seriously advanced multicam support

      • Import Layered Adobe Photoshop Graphic

      • Advanced Chroma Keying: One-step chroma key in Final Cut Pro X, you can now access advanced keying controls for color sampling, edge adjustment, and light wrap

      • Output video to an external monitor using third-party PCIe cards or Thunderbolt I/O devices. Can you say tape transfer and archive?

      See also: 7toX for Final Cut Pro — FCP 7 to FCPX conversion tool

In addition to laying hands on the app itself, James suggests digging through the Final Cut Pro X – User Guide — very edifying.

That said, it seems the one missing chunk of functionality is collaboration.

However, I suspect there will be much forgiveness for past sins. For example, doing Chroma Key inside FCPX is sure to impress as it obviates the time consuming move to Motion and back again…

What’s your take?

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