Daisey insisted, ‘This is a work of nonfiction,’ says coworker

March 20, 2012

Lying liars and their lying mouths full of lying lies. Since it was revealed that his hugely popular The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs monologue was riddled with lies, Mike Daisey has consistently said his work isn’t journalism and shouldn’t be held to that factual standard. However, a co-worker that helped stage the production says Daisey insisted playbills unambiguously state “This is a work of nonfiction.”

Last Friday when This American Life said they were retracting an episode — based in large part on the Agony and Ecstasy monologue — Mike Daisey said on his website and then again in his on air explanation that his work is theater and shouldn’t be judged by the same standards employed in journalism.

Yes, This American Life is a journalistic show and Daisey regretted lying to host Ira Glass for representing Agony and Ecstasy as factual when it clearly wasn’t.

“‘I’m not going to say that I didn’t take a few shortcuts in my passion to be heard,’ Daisey tells Schmitz and Glass. ‘My mistake, the mistake I truly regret, is that I had it on your show as journalism, and it’s not journalism. It’s theater.’”

Is that a reasonable explanation? Well, maybe it would have been except for the fact that it’s also a lie.

Alli Houseworth, an independent arts consultant and former marketing and communications director at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, which developed and staged Agony and Ecstasy, states categorically that Mike Daisey insisted that the words “This is a work of nonfiction” be printed on the playbills.

[W]hat he did in his retraction interview was say, “I believe that when I perform it in a theatrical context in the theatre that when people hear the story in those terms that we have different languages for what the truth means.” My answer to that is that “This is a work of non-fiction” is pretty clear language. And how dare you, Mike, how dare you say to Ira Glass that the context in which the work is presented is different. — Alli Houseworth in a guest post on New Beans

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Once again, Mike Daisey has been caught out in a bald faced lie — another person that believed in Mike Daisey came face to face with his lies and decided to take a stand.

Will Daisey apologize to Houseworth and the other theater professionals that staged his “show”? To the thousands that bought tickets? To Apple or Foxconn? One would like to think so, but I expect he’s got another lie queued up and ready…

What’s your take?

via Loop Insight

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