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March 26, 2012

Yes, Mac Blorge is a great resource, but it’s but one dish in the grand buffet that is Apple Mac web universe. Who do we read? Here’s a two score enumeration of the Mac websites that deliver and shape the news the “the rest of us” are drawn to daily, like technological moths to the flame.

Although I start with some of the grand daddies of Mac news publishing, there is no rhyme or reason to the ordering of this list — dig in and work it to the end, there’s a lot to love and learn herein.

01. MacCentral and MacMinute — The king is gone, but he’s not forgotten. Stan Flack started both of these bellwether sites and MacCentral, which was purchased by Macworld back in 1999, lives on in function if not form and the MacMinute forums are still active to this day under the “AppleCentral” name

02. MacInTouch — This Mac news grandaddy dates back to 1994 and is still publishing today. Yeah, the site layout is somewhat less than fresh, but there’s discussion and information here you won’t find anywhere else.

03. TidBITS — Adam and Tonya Engst founded TidBITS in April of 1990, and it has been published weekly ever since, which makes it one of the longest-running Internet publications. And, one digital revolution ’twasn’t enough for the Engsts, they created the “Take Control” series of ebooks, which first appeared way back in 2003.

04. Macworld — Whether in print or online, this is the publication of record for the rest of us and contains a huge + growing repository of Mac knowledge and wisdom.

05. Loop Insight — This is Jim Dalrymple (eminence beard) and Peter Cohen’s post-Macworld vehicle. If you’re wondering which Mac and Apple rumors are true, the beard speaks here — end of story.

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06. Fairer Platform — A steaming plateful of Apple, Mac, iPad, and iPhone news, views and helpful reviews and how to articles seasoned generously with attitude.

07. OS X Daily — The geekier, hands on side of the Mac. A site chock full o’ tips, tutorials and valuable links — a go to resource for whatever you want to do to Mac or an answer to what ails it.

08. MacDailyNews — Apple news with attitude that dictates Cupertino is (almost) always right. A tad visually challenged, but MDN’s publishing velocity is unmatched in breadth, scope and sheer volume. Unleash the fire hose!

09. 9 to 5 Mac — There are the quoters and quoted. This site falls firmly in the realm of the latter. Yes, you get all of the daily churn needed to stay informed, as well as an unflinching gaze into the future of the fairer platform — good rumors here.

10. Mac.Blorge — Think Steve Jobs was a mean-spirited bully who got off on pushing people around? That Mike Daisey was a warrior for the “truth”? Then you probably won’t like our site.

11. Edible Apple — There’s a bit of “me too” here, but a fair slice of original content and thinking different, as well. The design won’t win any beauty contests.

12. MacFixIt — The once independent, go to place for help with your Mac problems is now a CNet blog with essentially one writer. Nevertheless, that one writer is knowledgeable and produces a wealth of worthy content.

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13. Mac News — This is Mac Tech’s newswire for all things Apple and regularly lists stories not found elsewhere. A good add for your RSS feed.

14. Roughly Drafted — Lots and lots of Daniel Eran Dilger and Gene Steinberg on this site. If you’ve got a taste for those perspectives, then you’ve found home.

15. Apple Toolbox — How many Apple-flavored help sites does a single Top 40 list need? Until you find the answer to the question keeping you up late, the answer is always “one more.”

16. MacStories — These guys generate real news from time to time and have a pretty decent rumorological record in their own right. And, there’s analysis worth reading, as well.

17. O’Grady’s Powerpage — This site waxes and wanes over the year, yet somehow remains relevant at or near the top of the Mac news heap.

18. Daring Fireball — Here’s a guy that people, top people at Apple read. Gruber’s been cited by Steve Jobs and he’s one of the few who get samples for review when new product ships. A smart guy that’s too smart to be fan boy.

19. AnandTech Mac — Deep in the silicon thinking about Apple from a guy who was a reasoned hater, and is now something of a fan? That’s Anand Lal Shimpi and his benchmark PC hardware site.

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20. Slashdot Apple — The mother site was founded back in 1997 helping to make this derivative a valuable source of news and, just as importantly, community based analysis. Many talk about community, but Slashdot is community.

21. MacUpdate — What could be newsier than an up-to-the-minute listing of new Mac apps and, just as important, updates/patches? VersionTracker died ingloriously in the bowels of CNet, yet MacUpdate lives on and strong. No other resource comes close.

22. CNet Apple — Who breaks news on the interwebs? CNet is a prime source of not just Mac news, but original content and thinking generated by an ever changing stable of A-list writers.

23 & 24. AppleLinks — Not in a big hurry for your Mac news? Charles Moore’s AppleLinks and, just as lovable, Low End Mac are fabulous resources replete with the news and information you need every day.

25. HardMac — This is the English version of France’s MacBidouille and a bit more than that. An irregular source solid for rumorology and insightful analysis. Keep Hard Mac in your RSS app because they will deliver first.

26. MacObserver — Ken Ray, Vern Seward, Ted Landau, Dr. Mac and Andy Ihnatko have all written or still write for this popular and well-stocked Mac news, views and reviews website. There’s much to like here.

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27. Ars Technica Apple — Who has written the definitive review of Apple’s latest version of Mac OS X? Chances are it’s John Siracusa, a big brained guy with a huge but not unquestioning love of the Mac. Add in Jacqui Cheng and Chris Foresman, and you’ve got a Mac news powerhouse.

28. AppleInsider — Not the dominate rumor source that it once was, AppleInsider is still a must read that’s loaded with insightful analysis. Moreover, it’s an exclusive source of top Wall Street generated data — dig in.

29. MacMegasite — It’s name is a bit bigger than the site’s actual bite. A strong, chewy mix of “me too” and original news that is truly unique. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but worth a good look nonetheless.

30. PowerBook Central — The PowerBook faded years ago but the eponymous Mac portable news site soldiers on and then some. The name says “legacy” but the content is 100 percent funky fresh MacBook Pro and Air.

31. Insanely-Great Mac — Looking for video reviews of the latest Apple and third-party products, peripherals and software. No one is more prolific than IGM.

32. Inside Mac Games — No games available on the Mac? Think Different. Yes, this site is to a degree a front end for the Mac Game Store, but there’s a lot more than that here. Also, don’t miss their MacGameFiles companion site.

33. Macenstein — The number one reason to visit? The Mac Chic of the Month. Yes, you can get Mac new, views and reviews, yet it’s the babes that bring us back month after month.

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34. XLR8 Your Mac — A largely link-based site with a unique take on reader participation. Lists and lists of benchmarks, methods and discussions that illuminate the hardware side of the Mac.

35. Macworld UK — Breaking news? Yeah, you bet and, because they’re five or six hours ahead on the clock, you get some of the freshest juice available from any site.

36. MacMost — Original analysis, commentary, podcasts and video, this is a biggish operation. Who has the most video-based product reviews? MacMost is a contender for the crown with hundreds of video podcasts and features.

37. ifoAppleStore — Gary Allen is in front of [the] Apple Store and has been for years. Steve Jobs, Ron Johnson and a cast of thousands remade retail and this site chronicles the adventure as it unfolds.

38. MacUser UK — One of the original Mac magazines, founded way back in 1985, this pub didn’t survive the decades on its good looks. Along with Macworld UK, a unique voice in the Mac news realm due to its time zone and geography.

39. Bare Feats — Rob Art Morgan is the zen master of Mac hardware. Can ATI’s latest graphics card really challenge nVidia’s top performing solution? Here’s where you can find out.

40. AppleSlut — A completely unbiased look at the world of Apple — bee-yatch!!! Or not. There are hardcore fans and then there are these guys.

41. MacSurfer — Long before Digg or TechMeme or AllTop, there was MacSurfer. A delightfully low-GUI listing of Apple and tech news links that’s updated hourly throughout the day.

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