New iMac will be tough to buy until 2013

November 28, 2012

Apple has dealt with supply issues all year long, and the new iMac is no different.

If you want to get your hands on one of those ultra-thin, ultra-sexy desktop computers, you either need to get really lucky this Friday when a few are available in Apple Stores, or just wait until after the new year.

DigiTimes reports that shipments are constrained. And while DigiTimes has a shaky track record, they do have some good industry sources when it comes to supplies.

The same story applies to the iPad Mini, which could make Christmas shopping a tad more difficult. If you want to gift someone with an iPad Mini this year, you better order now.

The main issue with the new iMac is its display panel.

“Additionally, the sources said new iMac models use panels sourced only from LGD. The company has had to develop a new production process for mass producing the iMac panels and has limited capacity, which is delaying shipments,” according to the DigiTimes report.

Apple announced in a press release this week that they would start selling the new iMac this Friday in stores. Online orders will also start at that time. Those are just for 21.5-inch models, however. The more appealing 27-inch model won’t be available until December.

One Apple reseller has posted full configuration prices for each iMac model.

  • A base 21.5-inch model will start at $1299, with a $200 charge to upgrade your 8GB of RAM to 16 GB.
  • The higher end 21.5 inch model starts at $1499, with a $250 charge to upgrade to a new Fusion drive.
  • A base 27-inch model starts at $1799, with a $600 charge to upgrade to 32 GB of RAM.
  • And a higher end 27-inch model starts at $1999, with a $150 and $200 upgrade charge for larger storage hard drives.

The eighth-generation iMac is extremely thing and very sexy in design. It’s 80 percent thinner, which was largely helped in part to no including a CD disc drive.

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