Brand new, ultra-thin iMac now available for order from Apple Store

November 30, 2012

It’s unclear if there were any pajama parties for the brand new iMac that is now available to order from Apple’s online retail store, but it’s safe to assume that supplies will go quick.

Confirming its press release it put out earlier this week, Apple made the redesigned, ultra-thin iMac available for order on its online store Friday. If you ordered quick enough, you could receive your 21-inch desktop in one to three days — some a bit longer if were special configurations. If you’re waiting out for a 27-inch model, you’re looking at a 2-3 week wait, which hopefully, would arrive before Christmas.

Several reports have said that Apple is dealing with tight supplies, and demand really won’t be met until after the new year.

The eighth-generation iMac is extremely thing and very sexy in design. It’s 80 percent thinner, which was largely helped in part to having no CD disc drive.

The new iMac, which comes in 21.5-inch and 27-inch sizes, features a full lamination design that utilizes a process called Plasma deposition. This allowed Apple to apply anti-reflecting coating to a mere nanometer thickness. The significantly thinner design takes off about 8 pounds from its previous generation.

Of course, there’s already some unboxing photos of the sleek new iMac. MacRumors published one this morning. That blog post also includes aggregated copy of a Japanese site’s tear down of the new iMac, which shows that its  — SHOCKER — innards have been reconfigured.

You had to expect they would be. Being 80 percent thinner, something was obviously done inside.

Is a new iMac on your Christmas list? 

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