Is Staples selling Apple TV for $50?

January 27, 2013

It looks like office supply retailer Staples is going to start carrying Apple products, and if a mockup that’s made its way around the Web this weekend is accurate, prices are going to be pretty cheap.

According to the mockup (published by 9to5 Mac), which appears to be a website test on how Staples will promote and sell Apple products online, the retailer will be selling the black Apple TV over-the-top box for only $50 — half the price of what it currently sells for from Apple directly.

This could mean two things: Apple is planning on slicing its Apple TV and releasing a new model this year, or, Staples is simply testing out its site and put in a faux price.

There’s also another angle to this story: Why is Apple getting into Staples? Is Office Max and Office Depot next? Hard to say, but it’s an interesting ordeal. These office retailers are home to PCs and Windows applications galore. Bringing in Apple certainly shows a shift in focus.

It’s also been noted by Staples employees online that consumer electronics are their least profitable items, as most customers use the store to buy printing and office supplies.

The next thing to start looking forward to is what the next Apple TV has in store. Has Apple cracked the code enough to finally release an updated model? Will we see a dedicated TV set?

Weigh in below and let me know.

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