Expect to see Siri in Mac OS X 10.9

February 6, 2013

It’s only a matter of time before Siri makes her way over to the Mac. A new job posting hints that Siri could be even be more impactful when brought over to the Mac operating system.

MacRumors, who has been following builds of OS X 10.9, which is hinting at Siri integration, reports that Apple is looking to hire a Siri UI Engineer. If you’re interested, you must be familiar with Unix for Max OS X and have a passion for the Mac platform.

How complicated is Siri? Well, according to the job posting, you must also have a passion for writing simple, elegant software that’s easy and fun to use.

The job summary reads:

“Want to make the next big thing even bigger? Want to do the impossible? Want to be constantly challenged into accomplishing things you know are beyond your reach?

“This is a broad-ranging task – we take every application that Siri interacts with, distill it down to fundamentals, and implement that application’s UI in a theme fitting with Siri. Consider it an entire miniature OS within the OS, and you get a good idea of the scope!

Of course, each of these little “snippets” corresponds to an individual application, so you will have extensive cross-functional work with many other teams. You’ll need to work with them to enable access to their data and behaviors, and wire them up to your implementations. As a result, strong API design is needed to keep communications ideal.”

In addition to the Siri Engineer job, there are 23 other Siri-related jobs that Apple is currently hiring for, including a bevy of language technology engineer jobs, as Apple continues to rollout Siri in multiple countries.

The confusing thing is how useful will Siri actually be? It made sense to add the voice-activated function to iOS because typing isn’t always the most convenient. It’s also a great alternative to texting while driving.

It’s significantly easier to type on a Mac.

I think Family Guy’s Peter Griffin may have said it best about this potential new Mac feature.

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