Discounted skinny iMac hits Apple Store

February 18, 2013

If you’ve been eyeing one of those skinny and sleek iMac desktop computers, you’re in luck. They’re starting to pop up in the refurbished section of Apple’s online store, offering a $200 to $300 discount.

MacRumors broke the news over the weekend about the discounted iMac. As of now, there’s only refurbished 21-inch models that come with a quick shipment date of one to three days. That’s important because brand new iMacs (non-refurbs) still have a two- to three-week window attached to them.

Interested in the 27-inch model? Now you’re looking at a wait time of more than a month.

You do have other options to find a new iMac, including, which occasionally has fresh stock, and Amazon, which as of Monday, has a few in stock. Amazon also strong finance deals for those looking to pay a little each month.

Apple’s new iMac, which is the first completely redesigned desktop since 2010, released before the new year, but suffered poor sales due to supply constraints. Following the new year, supplies got better, but so did demand, resulting in even longer wait times.

Of course, these refurbished iMacs will move quick. You’re best way to land one is to check the refurbished Apple store daily — even a couple of a times per day.

Best of luck and happy shopping!

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