10 Places to Buy Apple Products for Cheap

April 4, 2013

Who doesn’t love a trip to the Apple retail store? It’s beautiful and if you walk out of the store with an expensive new toy, you leave with a glowing face and a urge to rush home and open it up.

You soon find yourself depressed, however, when you see your credit card statement. You become even more depressed when you see that you could have saved more than $100 buying the same thing online.

We’ve all been there. But no more!

Here are 10 places to buy Apple products for cheap:

1) Amazon

Amazon is a sure bet to find MacBooks and iMacs, but no iPads. They have a business called the Kindle they’re trying to do well in. Not only does Amazon offer great deals on laptops and desktops from Apple, but they also have killer financing deals. You can get 24 months 0% financing on most Apple computers.

2) MacMall.com

MacMall is probably the most official unofficial Apple retailer on the web. Like Amazon, they offer great financing deals. Unlike Amazon, accessories and third party upgrades (RAM, Memory, hard drive) are easily found and tell you what they’re compatible with.

3) Best Buy

You’d be surprised at the deals you can find on Apple products at Best Buy. Those deals might bet better once Best Buy retail stores introduce their Samsung lounges — a ripoff of their Apple setups.

4) eBay

This can be a little scary, but with some faith, you can buy very nice used and brand new Apple products and win them cheap if you’re lucky. I bought my 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro on eBay brand new for $1,500 (256 GB and 8GB of RAM). It’s perfect.

5) Craigslist

I don’t personally recommend using this sketchy service, but some people have gotten lucky.

6) The Apple Retail Shop

What?! Didn’t we just say this place is expensive? Yes we did, but if you buy refurbished, which comes with the great Apple warranty, you can save a couple hundred dollars on most computers.

7) NewEgg.com

NewEgg tends to offer $50-$100 discounts on Apple iMacs and MacBooks, and frequently runs promos for iPods and iPads.

8) AT&T and Verizon

AT&T runs promotions for free iPads, but you need to sign up for a two-year data plan. This is where they get you.

9) Buy From a Friend

Everyone has a friend who’s a huge Apple fan and every Apple fan loves the latest and greatest. That means they will want to sell their not-so-old Macbook for the next best thing. That’s a great opportunity for you to cash in on. Since you’re friends, you might get a better-than-expected price.

10) Radio Shack and Staples

Sometimes these big box stores run store-wide promotions and contests. No guarantees, but you might get lucky.

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