New Apple MacBooks coming to WWDC

April 29, 2013

New Apple MacBooks coming to WWDCTickets to Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference sold out in two minutes. The lucky few who were able to score tickets to the big show can expect to see a completely refreshed MacBook lineup.

Not the sexiest or even the most exciting Apple news, but news nonetheless.

The latest Intel chip should be part of these new MacBooks  — in both the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

The conference is scheduled to run June 10-14 in California.

Don’t expect any design changes from the MacBooks, rather, look for boosts in speed, and potentially the ability to go mobile.

For the few people who demand carrying a laptop with them everywhere they go, the need to stay connected has always been an issue, unless they choose to go with a Verizon or AT&T MiFi card, here in the U.S.

Perhaps Apple will release a new MacBook Air that has a built in 4G/LTE modem, allowing users to buy a similar data plan to what the iPad currently offers

One of the bigger questions is whether or not Apple will release an updated — or a completely redesigned — Mac Pro computer tower. Apple CEO Tim Cook said last year that the company hasn’t forgotten about its pro customers, but when a new Mac family lineup was announced in 2012, it only included minor speed improvement to the Mac Pro, much to the disappointment of many pro users.

If that’s the only “new stuff” that Apple unveils this year, it could be a disappointing WWDC.

Speaking of the WWDC — if tickets sold out in 2 minutes, why hasn’t Apple decided to move this popular show to a larger convention? Why not Las Vegas, where nearly 150,000 people gather every year for the annual Consumer Electronic Show?

Maybe it’s not classy enough for Apple.

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